Sunday, 26 December 2010

And Heeeeeeeere's....


It is not merely snowing. There is a full fledged, dyed in the wool, ye gods style blizzard outside. It does, I admit, look quite beautiful. I really love how gorgeous it is outside. At the same time, I have the flu, so I am not really enjoying anything as much as I normally do. I suppose you could laugh (I prefer to laugh at myself than bitch about stuff) and say Luis is enjoying the peace and quiet of the house - I have no voice as usual. I prefer that to a sore throat and have no problem picking my fights.

Christmas was good - well, Christmas Eve was good. I had a slightly scratchy throat all day but felt good, so I drove out to Long Island (specifically Queens) to see my mother's side of the family. I think that may be the first time I have ever made that pilgrimage completely on my own - Yes, isn't that weird? I always went with my parents, then Luis and I usually followed my parents, then it was myself and Luis. But Luis, who wasn't content with getting the flu the first time, came down with it again on 22 December. (At this point I figure he infected all of my coworkers (party was on 20 December) and I have infected the Parsippany officer who is now my friend, my enter family and a whole host of other people. Yaaaaaahooooo.)

I started to feel sick at my aunt's house but I was having such a good time talking to Henry, my cousin who lives in Suisse, that I ended up not leaving until 00h15. Everyone else went home and then to bed, but we were up talking for some time. It's funny how the childhood memories colour one's thinking. I think we were both very pleasantly surprised at how well the other turned out.

The evening was a fun meal followed by a completely orgy of gift opening. My two aunts and uncle had gotten Henry's kids, Viviana and Dominic, a boatload of gifts and really loved watching him open things in a huge flurry of paper ripping. It all started well, but about 90 minutes later, things were going downhill - most kids want to play with toys immediately upon opening them, but every time they turned around, there was another gift to open. I had been thinking at the beginning of this that Dominic (on the younger side of 3) was just ripping off the paper, thinking it was a cool gift and then wanted to play with it; after 6 or so items, he was rather frustrated, which I could understand.

One person had said to me that this is the first "real" Christmas we'd had in a long time. I said, "As opposed to all the other fake ones we've had?" and she said, "Yes!" It took me most of the night to realise she meant having small kids around. I never think of that. I may be the far end of 42, but I love getting Christmas gifts. I love it very much. I suppose it is not as fun as if I were 8 years old, but I hated being a kid and don't miss it in the least!

I admit I did get my list up on the late side, but my family did a wonderful job of shopping for me. Renee got me a small stuffed dragon from Disney World (Harry Potter, but I like the dragon on its own merit - I love most mythological creatures and I stopped watching and reading Harry Potter when they killed Dumbledore. That was a huge error on their part, I felt. I got the movie War Games, which I always loved. I also got a lot of astronomy goodies - the Hubble book, three DVDs... and I did get one of the UnderArmour shirts I asked for. It came with a free shipping number too. I'm sure I will use that at some time, too.

Luis gave me the full 160GB iPod (I love that man!), two sets of necklaces with earrings, and a set of rings. He's amazing.

We did not go to my parents' house. We are both sick (Luis has his normal voice but is still running a temperature, and we are both coughing up all kinds of gross things. It's more fun than mere mortals should be allowed to have.

Well, I hope that as good as Christmas was (and it was), the New Year will be better. In some ways it will be the hardest year coming and in some ways it will be very happy. Life is what I make of it and as hard as it is to give up something that I hate to give up, I make my life as happy as it is. I refuse to have it any other way.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List

My sense of avariciousness has not diminished any, it is just finding the time to do this! I like to make sure that every pertinent piece of information is there and the whole work and EMS thing really seems to eat up all of my time. But at long last, here is the start of the list!

12/05/2010 - Good news! My Amazon Wish list is finally up to date and looking pretty snappy! Please feel free to put that list as well. You are not limited to buying everything new - I've gotten plenty of used CDs and DVDs from Amazon with nary a problem. I wouldn't buy anything less than "Used - Good", but in that range, I've been very happy with all I've purchased.

Started 12/04/2010

Puzzle Warehouse

1. Dog Show 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
#8710126130766 $44.99

2. The Kitchen 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
#8710126130506 $34.99

3. Ancient Map of the World 6,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
#8412668137776 $69.99

4. The Orchestra 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle
#4001689086602 $42.99

UnderArmour clothing

1. Womens Cold Gear Hoodie shirt
Charcoal grey, Viola& Tropical pink
Size: XL $59.99

2. Womens Cold Gear fitted crew shirt
Black or white
Size: XL $49.99

3. Women's Cold Gear fitted Hoodie
White or Red
Size: XL $54.99

4. Womens Cold Gear UA Based Leggings
Black SZ: XL $39.99

Wireless Catalogue

1.The Chemistry Clock
#VJ6196 $23.95

2. Treble Lounge Pants
#VC6472P $39.95 Size: XL

3. Crystal Prism Hurricane Lamp
#HD4862 $29.95

Colorado Pen Direct

1. Glow in the Dark Space Glow pen
#23297 $30.00

2. Monteverde Invincia
#24601 $90.00 Rose Gold
Refill ink
#R4678 $5.00 each Black or purple

3. Sheaffer Prelude
#33710 $40.00 Purple or Rose Gold
Refill Ink
#B4637 $5.00 Black, Deep blue, Purple, Light blue

LL Bean

1. Healthy Back Bag, Leather
#TA193646 $159.00 Brown
(Replaces the bag Amy got me about 11 or more years ago - it's falling apart)

2. UltraSoft Cotton Comforter
#TA252104 $119.00 Aubergine (1st Choice), True Navy

3. Classic Colours Down Comforter
#TA169685 $169.00 Mountain Red

4. Plaid Forest Flannel Comforter Cover
#TA244891 $99.00 Multi-Plaid

Merrell Shoes


1. Merrell Encore Ice
$95.00 Gull grey J66602, Perfect Plum J66608, Huckleberry J66666, Brown Nubuck J66670 All size 8

National Geographic Catalogue

1. Mens Irish Donegal Tweed Sweater
#1073494 $169.00 Medium

2. Atomic Field Watch
#1073346 $89.00

3. Scottish Wool Walking Sweater
#1074882 $169.00 Medium, Burgundy


1. Nest Necklace and Bird Earrings
#HJ7022 Necklace $39.95
#HJ7032 Earrings $29.95

2. Etched Glass Globe Bowl
#HJ4376 $29.95 (Probably for candles)

Pajama-Gram Catalogue

1. Womens Flakey Flannel Wear
#G00682 Size: XL $49.99

2. Cat nap Flannel PJs
#G01240 Size: XL $59.99

3. Hoodie-Aootie Snuggle Fleece
G01593 Size: XL $69.99

This is the current list and I don't know that I'll find much more to add to it (although you never know!). I'll update my Amazon list tonight or tomorrow - don't go there until I do, though!

For Luis, go to his Amazon wish list or (maybe) his Website, He may have that updated as well.

Additional Wish List items

1. Printer-Scanner for my home computer (check with Luis t purchase this - he knows what products are good and work with my PC)

2. External HHD with at least 500 GB or a terrabyte (check with Luis t purchase this - he knows what products are good and work with my PC)

3. iPod Classic 160GB - I love my iPod Nano, but there is a ton of music that doesn't fit and there is more and more coming in all the time. $249 Either color is fine.