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Living in the World of a Friend's Break Up

I stopped today to pick myself up a snack and ran into a friend of mine. We aren't close friends, but we have known each other a long time - as long as I have lived on this side of town. In fact, she catered a party for us way back then. We see each other about three or four times a year, chat for a bit, and yes, even though we are not close by normal standards, I would call her friend happily - and wish that we have had the time and closer circles to be more close.
I saw her about a week or so ago and when I asked how she was, well - it all came out. It was fresh, shocking, hurtful - all the things that so many marriages fall apart over. She is tough and strong and I am so proud of her - far more than I've said. The kind of strong that is tempered by a sweet, kind personality, never abusive, never unkind, but still resilient, like an oak tree.
I cannot imagine what she is really and truly going through. I haven't been there. Luis has always maintained that he would tell …

Living in the Old Farmer's Almanac in May 2013

Happy Beltane!
Farmer's Calendar
Centuries ago, gardeners learned to time horticultural activities, such as planting, pest control, and harvesting, not by a set date on a calendar, but by signs that Nature provided. In fact, phenology, the study of the timing of animals and plant cycles in relation to climate and seasonal changes, is still used today.
The signaling events and their times may vary by location. Gardeners in certain regions might plant cool-season flowers when aspens and chokecherries leaf out; fertilize the lawn when forsythias and crocuses start to bloom; watch for Mexican bean beetles when foxgloves flowers open; sow seeds of beets, lettuce, and carrots when dandelions appear, or set out tomatoes and pepper plants, when lilies-of-the-valley blossom.
To use this technique, keep a journal. Note when plants bud, flower and fruit. Keep track of animal and insect life cycles and activities, such as the emergence of Japanese beetles. Jot down daily weather conditions (t…