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Living in the Old Farmer's Almanac in February 2013

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Although it's still winter, for some gardeners the growing season started about a month ago, when seed catalogs started filling their mailboxes. These compendiums contain much more than seductive pictures plump, red tomatoes, crisp salad greens; and a plethora of brightly colored flowers. They provide a wealth of information perfectly suited for the lifelong learner in every gardener.

Before purchasing through mail order, compare several catalogs. Some offer only seeds, while others include tools and gardening supplies. A few provide cooking instructions and recipes. Watch for new and improve varieties that offer increased disease resistance, more hardiness, or better flavor. It's fun to order a few novelties, such as 'All Blue' potatoes with purple skin and purple-blue flesh; limit these types to a couple per year, until you are sure that they will work for you.

It's a common mistake to order too many seeds or not enough. Most catalogs list the …