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Living in the Hospital - Again!

Yes, I'm here yet again, the wonderful world of St. Clare's. It is not fun although I know most of the staff and I'm on the same floor as always (right by Labor and Delivery - oh, the irony. Fortunately, I don't hear any infants; that would make me crazy. The L&D section is very separate with heavy security - I am at a loss to explain this, I can't imagine why this engenders that kind of tight security, but it's not my problem).
The trip to the ER was just awful. And I have some major complaints about the day crew who brought me in, such as making me walk to the rig, a practice we did not engage in on the volley squads - if a patient said they could not walk - as I had; heck, they did not walk. Ice? Not an excuse. If we did it, they could too. And there were three of them. It is not a stretch to get the patient there by whatever means necessary. I was pissed off about this.
I also was mislabeled a cardiac case; I have a perfectly healthy heart and this is …