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Sharks and the Japanese

Ray was very upset after watching a show about sharks. The main concept of the show was about tagging sharks off the Horn of Good Plenty, slightly south of Cape Town. There's a ship with special rigging that allows the scientists to lift the sharks in a Reeves-like device. They put a hose into the mouth of the shark that allows it to get the water it needs to stay oxygenated. They tag the dorsal fin with a tiny device that allows them to track the sharks all over: feeding areas, "mating grounds", birthing areas, etc.. They really want to know everything about sharks.
Unfortunately, part of the show got into the nations that hunt sharks for varying reasons, and there was a 20 second bit that showed the Japanese doing something particularly cruel to sharks. He wouldn't tell me and I didn't want to know. And if any of you, my dear readers, know what it is that is done to sharks, DON'T tell me! I hate hearing about cruelty to animals. I can't handle it. I kn…