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Living in The Old Famers Almanac in July 2013

Happy Independence Day!
Farmer's Calendar
Most of us anticipate the summer with its long hours of daylight and comfortable warmth. But when temperatures rise into the high double digits, it's time to find ways to stay cool as a cucumber.

Farmers, landscapers, and others who make their living working outdoors use several methods to make their jobs comfortable in warm weather. Some escape the worst of the heat by starting at first light and stopping early. Others may find relief by working in shady areas during the hottest time of the day.

If you need to work outdoors in hot weather, pace yourself and take frequent breaks out of the sun. Wear loose-fitting clothes and don't forget a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from the Sun's rays. Sweating helps to cool your body but causes you to lose much-needed water, so drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. And, as much as you might be otherwise inclined on these bright, sunny days, stay away from caffeine …

Living for the OB/GYN Appointment

On Thursday I had my annual exam at the Obstetrics & Gynecology Group in Parsippany, with Dr. Bissinger, who is very likable and friendly, and he listens to me and shows that he cares about me and my health. It's a perfectly good place to go and I've getting pap smears and exams since I was 14 (my mother was smart enough to make sure that I learned very early how important this is). Consequently, I have never minded this part of being female. I take my mammograms in good nature as well and those are uncomfortable but a very key part of the process.
Wondering where I am going with this?
Just this: when showering that morning for the appointment, I found myself suddenly shaving everything - and I do mean everything. I'm going to see a man who exams vaginas for a living - so what if my garden isn't perfectly hoed and trimmed? I'm sure plenty of women just let it all run wild and could care less if it runneth over. But while I usually keep it fairly neat and nice,…

Living in Religious Stupidity - A Post About Children Killed by Nutter Church

Last night I posted this brief bit about an article I'd read in People Magazine:
'I found an article in People Magazine entitled "Did Their Faith Kill Their Kids?" - be afraid when you read anything with a title such as that. This article was about a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Schaible, of whom two of their children had been sickening, let two of them die from bacterial pneumonia. First it was their 2-year0old Kent, who died in 2009, then Brandon, their 8-month-old son, died on 18 April 2013. A court in Philadelphia has charged them with murder, because they would not get either child to the doctor because their crazy church wouldn't let them! These two kids died from an easily treatable disease! They have lost all of their children and are in jail. Hopefully they will never get out.'
I got responses:

Deborah SweetWow, how awful. Hope they never see the light of day again. 16 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 Aisl

Living in the Old Farmer's Almanac: June 2013

Farmer's Calendar
Rather than rely on supermarket fare, many folks prefer to raise their own chickens for eggs or meat. The number of people who own chickens in urban areas has been growing steadily in recent years. In response, several towns and cities, including Las Angeles and New York, have changed their ordinances to allow small-scale chicken farming in residential areas.
Farming chickens means that you have control over the quality of your produce and the happiness of your hens. You can give your flock fodder that is free from chemicals and additives and provide lots of room for them to run about. Chickens that allowed to forage in the yard will add slugs, bugs, grass, and weeds to their menu, resulting in highly nutritious, great-tasting eggs with bright orange yolks and thick, firm whites. The poultry also create high-nitrogen droppings, which, when aged, are an ideal organic plant food.
As a bonus, these feathered friends are great pets that entertain for hours with their…