"I happen to believe that a life unexamined is a life not worth living. I also happen to believe that a life examined will cause an incredible amount of heartache. With that dilemma in mind, here's where my examination has gotten me so far. The only real progress I've made as a human being came at those times when my carefully constructed ego was completely shattered by people and/or events. Unfortunately, that progress was always short-lived because each and every incident of ego deflation was followed by years of building up a stronger, more resilient replacement. Son, friend, athlete, musician, rebel, space cadet, husband, daddy, TV writer-producer, divorced guy, jerk, smart guy, wiseguy, fool, seventeen handicap, success, failure are all false selves because they are fleeting processes with no real substance or permanence. So where does this leave Chuck Lorre? Egoless? I wish. But it does make one think, maybe Prince was on to something when he shed his name for a symbol. Hmmm.."

I love these Vanity Cards. Luis - amazingly enough - noticed them when watching (I think) "Two and a Half Men". I used to watch it but it got old fast. However, reading the Vanity Cards doesn't. I am not a sitcom or half-hour show long watcher, anyway. Too dopey for me.

However, these vanity cards are just so much fun to read, I can't imagine ever giving them up! Chuck Lorre may not make shows I particularly want to watch, but maybe he doesn't, either. How about that? I would not have thought that. This makes him not only a successful producer but a smart one, as well. We don't have to do things we like... (okay, well, in my case, that isn't right. I love doing Human Resources and I love being an EMT (except for the 0530 calls, but today's one involved a butcher knife and crack... what's not to love about that?).

Prince may have been right. But I doubt it.

I just happen to have a monkey-mind full of junk and a blog... a dangerous combination. Just ask anyone who reads it... my coworkers should be your first stop. (Maybe not...) They'd agree, when I'm not getting my hand slapped for it. (Funny but not at the same time - a conundrum, I grant you that.)

Okay, so Chuck Lorre gets to empty his monkey mind on a Vanity Card that shows up on television - I would love that, too! I just have my little old blog, which apparently reaches people I don't have a clue about. I like that, too. (It came up in a hand-slapping, which is weird. Do you smile and say, "That's awesome!" or take the slapping with the downcast eyes, mumble promises not to be such a do-do head and move on? (And then smile because that is still cool that more than I realise actually take the time to read this? Well, smart person that I am [not], I took the hand-slapping and was miserable about it for some time, mended my evils ways (mostly) and then - months later - realised that this is awesome (who doesn't want a faithful readership of some kind?) and smile about it then.

I have promised to mend my evil ways and I did. And even after I am done with the one who rightfully so gave me the hand-slapping, I will still uphold that promise and never mention names or places. But I still get to say, "That's awesome!"


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