Living in 102 Degrees

Uh-huh, you read that right. And no, I'm not on vacation in the Sahara or even out of my house in northern New Jersey. And we'd never get anything that freaky here. If anything, we have an ice storm suspected to be visiting on Thursday evening. Wahoo.

No, I'm here, with the fireplace blazing, wearing a layer of heavy stuff and wrapped in a blanket shivering my ass off - at least some of it, I hope - and stuffed with aspirin, not my usual poison. But with the flu and the body temp of 102* [I have not yet figured out how to put in diacritic characters in here as yet], how much would I do besides shiver one moment then roast the next; yikes. And the aspirin has thus far proved ineffective. I usually wait for the first three days to elapse before medicating in any fashion, but this is a high enough fever to dispense with hoping my body will flush it out. I caved this morning.

I'm achey and have pain most if not all day, so a fever makes every waking moment a slice of hell. A BIG slice of hell. While there are plenty of flu medications out there, most of them interfere with the medications I take for the dystrophya myontonia II and those meds are considerably stronger and more effective than the flu meds. That being the case, I'll stick with mine and ignore the TheraFlu and other liquor-based flu/cold/cough syrups.

(Holy cow... I saw the battery power on the laptop - my beautiful laptop -was down to 16%, so at 17:09 I lugged it in. Just now, at 17:36 I looked at the battery power and it was 36%! And just now, at 17:37, it is 39%! Damn!)

Well, this it for now. Unfortunately it takes far more energy to sit up and type than I could ever imagine. I'll try again tomorrow.


CrystalChick said…
Oh, dear girl, I'm feeling for you! Hubby has been sick for a week. He's gone through varying degrees of misery and to add insult to it ... couldn't take more than two days of work off for rest to help the healing along.
I've been careful to not catch it. Washing bedding, sleeping on the couch, hand washing, extra vitamins, etc. but I'm a bit achy tonight and have had an *almost* migraine most of the day. I've added homeopathics to the mix and am hoping it's enough. Time will tell.

NIce to see you here, despite how difficult it has been for you. Will hold you in my thoughts! xo

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