People Magazine - 29 July 2013 - Drugs, Religion and a Rising Actress

Well, every issue is just chock full of... stuff. From the reviews, the famous people, the losers and the rich, there is seemingly something for everyone. Some issues naturally offer more than others, and this one certainly has an interesting mix of subjects.

I'll go through it in order, which always begins with the mailbag. This may offer something of interest, and sometimes not. Almost always the main topics bring varying responses: some are favourable to the topic, others not. This issue is definitely atypical in that each topic had the same responses; three people wrote in about Matthew Perry and applauded him for getting through rehabilitation and turning his house into a "sober living facility". This is a euphemism for a wealthy, huge half-way house for a small number of men. I found the house to be beautiful, but strange that he'd want to do this. (I hate sharing my house with Luis' father - imagine how I'd feel about sharing it with strangers!)

The next two letters were supportive and struck by the article "Shamed into Suicide" about a teenage girl who committed suicide after students tortured her for being sexually assaulted at a party. I don't understand how this happens in this day and age that other students torture the victim of a crime on every social networking media and the perpetrators get away with it. Unreal. Let all of the students be hanged for this and their behaviour.

It comes from person experience that I say this.

After that were two letters applauding Melissa McCarthy for being a great actress who is regarded, as one put it, as being "regarded for her body of work, instead of her body". What a great phrase. And Melissa is a delightful actress and person. However, People was guilty of overindulging in writing about her figure, too. Sheesh.

Some wrote in a letter on the pictorial article of Joan Rivers and commented that she's wondered was how Joan looked before all those surgeries, and wrote that she was pretty before and after. Yikes. This woman couldn't have been looking at the correct photos. Neither she nor her daughter, who has also had a plethora of plastic surgeries, are attractive. And they weren't prior to those surgeries. BBBBRRR-R-R-R-R-R!

This is likely the least interesting portion of the issue, so moving right along, we get to Star Tracks, their little picture section where the paparazzi get images of the hapless rich and/or famous. The first image is of Princes William and Harry in their polo uniforms. I like the Windsors and feel for them, too. They are the royal family of England, which undoubtedly has its perks, but at the same time, they did not ask to be born to this and the lack of privacy or respect for these people and the insanity they have to put up with is just awful. Harry is a bit of an over-the-top bachelor. So what? He's young and has buckets of money - I have to say anyone in that situation experiences this kind of period. William is more circumspect and quiet, not one to be outrageously open, and that works for him. But I like them both. Everyone likes Princess Kate, but when they were on vacation and she had the opportunity to sunbathe nude, she couldn't manage to do in private what all the rest of us do.

There is a picture of Miley Cyrus, who is another fine example of what happens to child stars the second they turn 18 - puts me in mind of Britney Spears, who turned into a hooker and a complete moron the moment she turned 18. First it was dressing in non-existant clothes, which was disappointing to the many, many mothers who were delighted that their daughters would emulate her when she was a conservative teen but then became the worst example to follow. Then she was married and had the two boys, and not that this is a bringer of wisdom, but driving with her child in her lap and no seat belt? Will Miley Cyrus be worse? I have to think she will, as Britney was a bad woman years ago. I am putting Ms. Cyrus in the 27 Club, which gives me just over six years before the time is up.

I meant to write more, but it went into the Drafts folder an here it has ben until November of 2014. Sorry, folks!


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