Living in a Political Dinner

The phone rang and what sounded like a law firm was calling. I decided I'd best answer that call - it's one thing to blow off-- well, anyway, I answered it and a woman's soft voice was off and running, inviting me to a dinner at another house in Parsippany to meet a Ms. Hart, who is running for Senate. Her biggest thing is to save the watershed while the current incumbent wants to change or modify the laws protecting the watershed to build. I don't give a rats ass what the incumbent wants to build, it is wrong.

But before hearing about the watershed, I was just listening and thinking that this is a canned message - which seems crazy as that would be a LOT of people showing up - potentially - at one's home. And when the message got to the dinner invite, I chuckled. and suddenly the message stopped! I found myself suddenly stumbling and tripping over my own tongue. "Oh --OH! You're not a message. You're a live person!" I laughed again, and said, "I'm sorry I laughed at your words but you really don't want to invite me to meet a politician. I tend to be far too straightforward and honest for them."

She responded positively to what I said (not the typical response, I assure you). I had a lot to say directly to the Parsippany mayor and none of it was flattering. I think I heard a town-wide heaved sigh or a loud moan when he won reelection earlier this year. So you can see why I really needn't be exposed to them or them to me, and said, "Well, Ms. Avery Hart is not really a politician. She feels that the current holder is not living up to expectations. She is interested in preserving the watershed, while the current Senator wants to find ways to change or overturn the laws to allow destroying the watershed and start building."

I said, without thinking, "I like her already."

But that is not enough information, so I asked what her basic platform was, and the woman answered that Ms. Hart is pushing for improving the quality of education, helping out small businesses (she must think little of Wal-Mart, which is something I understand completely), seeing healthcare for all, preserving the watershed, and a couple of other items, but all things I agree with and would be delighted to see her win the Senate seat!

So I hope that we can go, and that Luis will be interested. I'll talk to him tonight. He might be, just for the rather novel experience of speaking to someone who wants to get into such a lofty position. And I am interested to hear how she plans to tackle these various issues.


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