No Article, Just me... Not Sleeping...

Given the time (03:49), this may not be one of my wittier, more meaty postings, but the idea here is to fall once again into the arms of Morpheus. That is the only thing I really want to do.

Two things woke me up: the medication, which at half the dose is not as effective and my nasal passages, which are completely blocked up. It has been really bad the last two nights, driving me to take Benadryl during the night. I guess the one good thing is that it makes the user drowsy, so maybe this will help me get back to sleep.

This is what I have been trying to explain to my doctor. Their office called in the script for 60 tablets and I got those, and as usual, began taking two at night. The same dose I've been on for at the very least a year, although I know it's longer than that. Now, suddenly, I'm down to one with a hundred other things to help assist it and then they will figure out "something".

Last night (well, the night before. I did not get steady sleep. I was up at 00:20, 01:40, 03:10 and finally at 5:50.

This night I got lucky, I slept from 10:10 to 03:33. But now I'm weeding out the yard... I think the Benadryl is finally kicking in... back to bed.


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