One of These Days...

I'll sit down and write something a lot more meaningful. I've been meaning to, but I get home so exhausted (the joys of MD) that I eat dinner, take a nap and then do stuff before I go to bed. It's turned into a weirder life than I had before!

But it's not much good as a life if I just waste it away turning into a turnip on the couch, not reading, not writing, not even putting in five minutes on Facebook. (Not that this should be where the bulk of my time goes, but you know what I mean.)

However, it is time to get dressed, go to work for the next round of this week's pick of the fun. I must say that I've suddenly been able to get a lot of little things cleared away and off my burgeoning To Do list, which is a good - no, delicious - feeling. Isn't that a great word choice? It was much better than a mere "good" would indicate.

OK. More later, I hope!


CrystalChick said…
One day at a time, honey. Give your body what it needs.
I have been back to my blog but can't say I post anything really meaningful most of the time. I've been blogging 3 years (on and off) today but as I said in the post, it's a love/hate relationship. The pictures are probably the best part. I don't write very well, just mostly ramble.

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