Here Comes the Spring...

I love spring and quite frankly after the non-stop brutality of this winter, I need spring! But with the warmer air, the flowers and the longer days comes the flood waters. And they are here. Big time here. Lake Hiawatha and lower Parsippany are under 4 to 5 feet of water and Wayne - well, damn! It is crazy how high that water gets.

We had a couple of trips to St. Clares ER and the St. Clares Lake had taken over the lower parking entirely and some of the mid-level parking. Not pretty. (Just so you know, there is no such thing as St. Clares Lake - it's the Rockaway River snaking by behind and to the side of it.) New Road was closed (and smelling quite lovely with the sewage plant so close by). The wall of the Lake Hiawatha lower area was holding the river at bay but only by inches. I understand the water is receding, but April is known for its wet weather and if we get any more snow and it melts as the piles of it mostly have now, the rivers will be up again.

It's always Wayne that makes the news, however, and why not? The River section of it floods dramatically and annually. I find it mystifying that the crappy houses of that area are always lived in but the owners have high end cars. I would drive a wreck for as long as it takes to move out of the flood zone and not count the cost. We never had that problem - we did not look at houses in the flood areas of any of the towns we lived in (Fairfield, which has Horseneck Road, Big Piece Road and a couple others under water), Montville (with some of its roads flooded), Wayne and Lake Hiawatha. We rented a house on Horseneck Road for four years (1990 to 1994) and had immeasurable issues with the yard and the basement flooding.

I'm looking forward to everything else that spring brings, but the flooding is something we could all live without.


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