Meet Me Where I Stand...

I am gratified and amazed at people's response to my leaving the workforce. I'm sad to go but I have to look out for my health (what health, you ask - not much of it!) first, and everyone respects that. And I have made friends for life with my most recent wonderful place. I hate to leave.

The name of this post is a line from a Coldplay song, Rush of Blood to the Head. I really love the song and the line is appropriate to my feelings about this working thing... well, this not working thing.

The gods only know I've had plenty of time to get used to the idea. I guess it is just such a radical departure from my life - I've been working since I was 15 - and that is a strange, scary, daunting thing. I suppose it is a good thing overall. This winter has stomped all over and has not hung me out to dry - I have to think this will dramatically improve when the warmer weather comes - so maybe it won't kill me so much. (Fat chance - it won't stop because I needn't be somewhere, it just won't be ruinous to my day if I can't get out.)

And I won't be riding on Thursday nights for a while - we have had an influx of new squad members and Chris asked me if I would step down from Thursdays to allow one of the new members to have a regular riding night. I said yes, although I'm not thrilled about it, but I understand the new folks needing that training. Besides I can always fill in when the others are out. And I'll put in time during the day and hopefully see Bob during the week.

It's not a bad change, it may even work out better - I might be pushing myself too far here, too. But this is huge part of my life. I can't just be Aislínge Kellogg. I need to have something appended to it, so since I won't be Aislínge Kellogg, HR Manager I will be Aislínge Kellogg, EMT. Or as Bob would say, EMT Wench! (How do you think I earned that nickname and now my car plates?)

Well, in two more weeks I will be stepping into my new life. Or plunging into it, I guess - with my usual impetuosity and "devil may care" attitude. That at least helps. And I know somewhere in there will be a vacation - I'm overdue to travel and why not do it now?

So meet me by the bridge, meet me by the lane.
When am I going to see that pretty face again?
Meet me on the road, meet me where I stand.
Blame it all upon a rush of blood to the head.


CrystalChick said…
I've been thinking about you. Seems like you have alot to process, changes to experience. I'm here if you feel like talking. Sent you an email not too long ago, hopefully it reached you and didn't go to spam.
Hope you get to travel somewhere cool. We were considering a trip, but it's not looking good. Needing the money for other things.

Write me anytime Ash.
Big hugs, Mary
Anonymous said…
You could always be Aislinge Kellog "my Friend" if you feel the need to add something to your name

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