Living in Snowland

It has snowed on and off this winter, a half inch here, an inch there; maybe even two inches in one fall. About ten days ago, the weather began showing a chance of snow for Monday, 2/11 into Tuesday, just a 20% chance and no accumulation amount given (I must say that up until just a few years ago, the various weather services would give guesstimates as to how much (if any) snow would fall, but eventually smartened up enough to cease making even the tiniest guess until just two days from the snow date).

For the first six days of this bit of snow headed our way, it remained as a 20% chance of snow, no accumulations given, nothing of any import attached to it. I remember on Tuesday commenting to Ray, then later, Luis (I was back in St Clare's at that time with another flare up that made the previous ones feel like a pleasure cruise) that I had a bad feeling that before this winter was out, we would get hit with "a whammy" - some kind of super-snowstorm that would really bring things to a screaming halt. I did not have that storm in mind by any means; just some storm this winter. Since there is half of February, all of March and some of April, we still have plenty of time. Granted, April snowstorms are a rare animal but they certainly happen. In this time frame, a lot can happen.

By Thursday afternoon, the forecast changed to the snow arriving Saturday morning and dumping two to four inches upon us.

And today, 20 March, the first day of spring - the Vernal Equinox was 01:14 this morning - we are two days after the last snowstorm with - possibly - more on the way!

Old Man Winter has not taken the hint yet...


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