What Came First: The Murder or the Story?

I love watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It's a great show, lots of interesting story lines, and it has gotten to have a lighter side. However, the latest show, which aired on 11/04, was really quite disturbing. Someone was cheerfully chopping up vegetables, a credit card and put an ear - a human ear - into the New England clam chowder. Umm... eeeiiiuuwwww? Seriously? Really? And - as if all of this wasn't gross enough - the cheerful chopper then feeds it to someone who is bound, missing his ear, and has his mouth clamped open to ingest his ear, credit card and... New England clam chowder.

Where do they find this gem? In a huge container, you know, a truck container that contained a ton of shredded person along with garbage. Yum...

So my question is, what came first? Did someone go traipsing through the gazillions of case files that police deal with to find this delightful little tale? Or did someone on the television writing crew come up with this? I think I'd feel better knowing that this came out of criminal files. Because otherwise, this means someone is thinking this up. Tell me how this isn't the making of a serial killer?

Again, eeeiiiuuwwww.

I suppose we all have active imaginations - I do - but if this is what my imagination ran to, I'd never get any sleep. It's just a weensy bit too disturbing. Seriously disgusting. What was funny was that I was behind all of this season's episodes, so I caught up on them all tonight - all six or so of them. The one with the werewolves versus the vampires was amusing; so was the dinosaur one (very cool job, though) and the hoarding one, which touched on a fascinating topic (hoarding, duh) was interesting. And then there was the one with the cop shot, which was rather disturbing and unhappy. And then I got to this one. Which brings us back to "eeeiiiuuwwww".


In the bad shooting episode, there was a brief scene where Sara Sidle is being shown a new program that has a full database of gang related crimes, ballistics, names, etc. In that scene, Sara tells the guy working with the software that the COD (cause of death) was from multiple GSWs. On the screen, it reads "multiple G.S.W.'s. WHY? Why does no one see this? The abuse of the apostrophe is unbelievable. Even people who normally write really well do this! AAAAAAA! Who missed this?!

I give up on the human race where the premise of good writing. Most people just can't handle it.


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