I.Q. - Am I Smart or Not?

This was what I got when I took an online I.Q. Test:

Apparently, at a figure of 111, I am more intelligent than 72% of the population. This seems a little unlikely to me, but maybe I'm too hard on myself. This is not easy. I am caught by living with someone who has a 125 to 130 I.Q., which doesn't make me feel particularly smart. On the other hand, a score of 111 doesn't make me a blathering idiot, even if I feel like it most of the time. I am not a good linear thinker and generally get too excited about many topics and this doesn't make me come across as smart. And I definitely suffer from a lack of common sense.

On the other hand, I do know my strengths. I'm very empathic, excellent at reading people. I am reassuring and comforting to people. In fact, almost all of my strengths tend to be in dealing with people, which occasionally means I am too forward with them. But mostly I do well there. I can spell and write well. I am very much the artist - in mental capacity and temperament. My normal temperament is actually more serene than most artists but internally I'm more of that fiery, overbearing on my own efforts, and occasionally over the top, etc. I am not one to get angry easily. When I do get angry, truly angry, run! It has happened once or twice and most people find me a terrifying person when truly angry.

Still, this score of 111 seems... inaccurate. Oddly enough, though, Luis guessed my I.Q. to be 110. That man just flips me out sometimes. He's creepy in his ability to read me. And he often reads my emotional state and thoughts with an accuracy that really is scary. He insists that he cannot "hear" my thoughts, but can pick up on my expression and body language. Ironic, since as a programmer (a very, very advanced programmer), his ability to read and communicate well with people is on a level with the character Harold Finch. Weird, huh?


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