Living in Celebrity Apprentice All-Star Season

I think we watched six or seven of these shows... something happened to our TiVO and it missed a huge number of these shows. We always have it set up to record this show. However, a marathon of six or seven of this in one night is overkill. Once a week it is entertaining, mostly. Mostly... Some of the celebrities make me crazy.

Who annoys me? Gary Busey, who is a major head case, made me totally nuts. He describes himself as "thinking out side of the box" and that is close... I don't consider him to actually be capable of thinking and his team clearly sees him the same way, but for some reason, they all become suddenly circumspect (if not outright wussy) about mentioning this in the boardroom to Mr. Donald Trump. I'm not sure why. I certainly would have no trouble at all giving his ass the chewing out it needs.

Which brings me to Omarosa... Omarosa... I'm not sure if the spelling is correct and I have no idea what her surname is. I don't particularly care, however, and I have to really have strong antipathy towards someone to not give a rat's ass how to spell his or her name. But antipathy is fairly weak in describing how I feel about this wretch of a woman. She is just the worst person, no morals, no caring about her team. And yet, curiously, no one would bring her back to the boardroom! It was mind-boggling! I didn't honestly think LaToya Jackson could manage it - she is a total pussy. But even though she bitched and moaned about Omarosa, LaToya did not bring her into the room for the final reckoning. So LaToya got fired.

Claudia, another actress or whatever, did the same thing! She bitched and moaned about how awful Omarosa was, and then brought back Dennis Rodman, who was useless, and Lil Jon, who should never, ever, see the inside of the boardroom other to receive kudos, but did not return with Omarosa. I had reached the conclusion that LaToya was afraid of her; everyone reached this same thinking when Claudia did the same thing.

Next annoying person: Dennis Rodman. Not only is this nutter a walking freak show, he's lazy and uninterested in adding anything to the team's efforts. He wasn't drowning in alcohol at 0800, but he was not particularly useful or resourceful and was definitely the weakest link.

And then there was Stephen Baldwin. Normally you would think he would be a good addition to any group but it turns out that the only person he would consider as having anything good was himself. He constantly steamrolled over everyone else. He was not a good creative person (no matter what he thinks) and had some truly awful and terrifying ideas. Penn had no use for him, and I had to agree. However, I was hoping that Penn would actually stand up to this loser and tell him to shut up, but it never happened.

Who else? Let me see... LaToya Jackson. Oh, how I despise this woman. I don't care for most of the Jackson family, it's true, but it is truly a toss-up between the sexless Michael Jackson, who did not biologically produce any of those kids, or LaToya, who is wussy and has the worst wimpy voice. She is useless and so regressive, everyone walked all over her with cleats on.

I really don't know Brande Roderick well enough. I didn't find her to be interesting or much of a team leader, but she wasn't offensive or annoying. Lisa Rinna is okay, although the over-collagening of her lips is... scary!

I like Marilou Henner well enough. Not heaps, but well enough.

And this brings us to the truly likable people. Trace Adkins, Penn Jilette, Dee Snyder, Bret Michaels, and Lil Jon, who should drop the "Lil" and just go with Jon. There is nothing little about this man. He wants to win and generally is an excellent player.

Trace is a tall, sweet, gentle-spoken man. He is funny, in a dry kind of way that I appreciate. He had no use for Baldwin, either, and at one point had requested Penn as a teammate, which I liked. He recognises other strong players. I was happy to see he was back; and he developed more of a backbone. 

Penn Jilette, of course, is scary-smart, full of interesting ideas, has a huge creative streak, and worked well with many, even the ones that made him crazy. I would have liked, again, to see him stand up to Baldwin - to his face - but, well, maybe that made him more politic than me. Then again, most are more politic than me.

Dee Snyder: another smart man, smart, fun, polite, has good ideas. For some reason, he never seems to get far in this show, which is a pity. But he is extremely likable.

Same with Bret Michaels. I think he is just great. And Donald brought him back to be in the show as a judge for the South Africa tourism contest. A good choice.

Jon is truly amazing. He lost to Arsenio Hall, but only one person could win and while it was very close, Arsenio was a wonderful contestant. I think Jon will win this Celebrity Apprentice, but it is a toss-up, except for Gary Busey, who has to go. How he made it to the top six I will never know. Penn and Lisa should have made a stronger case for his uselessness, but they won the last challenge, so there was no getting rid of Busey. There is something really, really wrong with that guy. He has a knack for saying the exact wrong things. All the time. Every time. It is staggering.

The show has some things to recommend it. Ivanka and Donald Jr are very likable, so is George. Some of the other judges are wonderful, too. Piers Morgan I have no use for. But I find (against my earlier opinions) I like Donald Trump, too. The comb-over is awful - the man could afford a decent wig - but otherwise he is fairly intelligent and people-smart. Certainly he surrounds himself with good people. That is the key to wise companies. No one can do it all alone.

The guy who is the producer, Mark Burnett, must be the richest show producer anywhere.


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