Riding on Fridays

I love being on call, riding and seeing the crazy people. Gods only know how many there are.

Last night was no exception, and as I'd thought, what Fridays were like when I first started riding, almost a decade ago. We had four runs last night. First was a kid who was jumping off the swings in Volunteer's Park. Broke the knee - and but good.

Second, right on the heels of clearing from that fun, we had a half a chick fight at the bar (you could see all of us howling with laughter on the way to that call - a bar fight! YES!). One contestant was there, with a puffy eye, screaming for a cigarette and obviously not quite the normal self. Tough to think that alcohol wasn't involved (despite reassurances that no drinking was involved, one doesn't go to a bar to just hang out). But no one there was the appropriate drinking age. Go figure.

Third call was our old friend who rode on the squad a very long time ago. He's wonderful. He's quite old, but I've known him these past seven (almost eight) years and what a guy he is! I wasn't happy about the reason for having him as a patient, but that is how it goes.

I'm trying to think what our last call was... but now maybe there wasn't a fourth call. Time is funny when I've been up the full twelve hours. And this weekend is our Thursday night rotation. It will be a treat... sometimes I just get that gut feeling. Next weekend is the Friday night rotation. Wahoo!

But we had fun riding last night (and this morning) and now it is time for me to walk to the bagel shop and get Luis his taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich and my lightly buttered salt bagel and squeeze in a nap before going to the massage. That at least will be heavenly after a night of fun.


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