Another Long Night...

It isn't as bad as all that. Car 65 had their installation dinner tonight. I suspect all have left the actual event place by now (it is 01h10, quite late) but many times people love to keep a party going and go out somewhere after the formal event is over and party some more. So there may well be people out still having a fun time.

It was quite unusual. One call went out around 19h00 and one just went out about 15 - 20 minutes ago. Usually they have the luck of picking a night where the weather is terrible and sometimes crews have had to stay at the buildings to get out. We normally hold our dinners later in the season and don't get snowstorms, but as I recall, last year there was a horrendous rain storm complete with high winds and other insanity on our dinner night.

I love the installation parties, although I never partake in the drinking portion (I really hate the taste of alcohol). I kind of understand drinking, but I never understand drinking to the point of vomiting and feeling "under the weather" the following day. That seems... counter intuitive.

Oh, come on... doesn't it?

In the middle of this post at 01:15 we were called out. It was not a critical patient, so we went to the right address, waited semi-impatiently for the police to bring our person out to us (admittedly we love ambulatory patients - they are the best. And this patient was completely compliant, totally willing to cooperate, no worries. A very pleasant patient.

James is driving and I thought for one freaky moment I though I heard James say< "What! Divert?!" but I shook my head and went back to talking to the patient. The patient had the most amazing anti-smoking toy I have ever seen. It looks a lot my roller-ball pens that I use; it is slender, all black with a small silver band around the later 2/3 of the device. Apparently, those teeny cartridges carry the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes, not a pack. It still has nicotine, the main ingredient with the addictive quality, but it does not have the carcinogens that would eventually speed up one's demise.

We ended up going with the lesser of the two evils: he did not know St. Barnabas and after painting a rather grim picture of how bad it can be there, Claire's was fine and we were relived. Especially, the patient. He would have gotten whatever immediate care he needed, but not gotten a bed in Psych until 30 hour had elapsed.

Happy Holidays!


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