More Winter

I normally like the fact that there are four separate and distinct seasons where I live. But I have to admit that while winter is my least favourite, this one is getting particularly old...

The first snow storm came on 26 December.

It has been all downhill - on a sled out of control - from there.

I can still appreciate the beauty of the snow, but quite frankly, enough is enough. The first snow storm brought just about 30" of fluffy white snow. Fortuitously, we shut down for the Monday. I certainly wasn't going to attempt that mess.

The next one followed on 5 January, but not at the staggering amount the first one brought. Even so, I am not a fan of driving in snow. Let's just say I've seen far too many accidents to have any confidence. I know how to drive in snow (very slowly) but most of the drivers in New Jersey - especially those with SUVs - think they somehow get a pass on having to drive with any care or regard for others and completely turn into maniacs. Let them die on the road if they want. Not me. I want to see my 44th year.

The following storm was at the end of that week, followed by an ice storm on Tuesday. No, thanks! If snow makes the playing field more level, then ice makes it all bad. I didn't go anywhere for that one, either. And I will tell you something, I feel perfectly good about it. No regrets. I hate being stuck in the house, but stuck in the house beats stuck anywhere else. Like on the road, in the morgue - whatever.

Yesterday I braved the roads, sat on Routes 287 and 24 - took me 50 minutes to haul my bloody behind into work - and left at 1530. It was sunny in Springfield and snowing hard in Whippany and Parsippany. Groan.

And this week coming there is snow forecasted for Tuesday, Tuesday night and Wednesday. How AWEsome. More work missed. I don't care if it is only 6", I am not spending an hour trying to go to work. No one will miss me for one day. And no one is shy about reaching me at home if need be.

What does it tell you when I have given names to the icicles? The one on the corner of the house is Merve; the one outside my office window at work - which had become a stalactite - is Harvey. That's a sad state when I'm naming the icicles... And they had disappeared yesterday, but now they are back - last night it was 14 degrees; tonight it will be 7 degrees and 1 degree - that's right, one whole degree - tomorrow night. GROAN!

Still... I'm ready to skip the rest of winter, forego spring and skip straight to summer - no passing Go, no collecting $200 - just give me 90 degrees!


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