A World in White/Diet Stuff

I'm guilty.

I gripe and complain and say that now the snow has gotten old. But then in the midst of our third snowstorm in as many weeks, I'm caught up in and blown away by how lovely and quiet it all is. In the midst of life and insanity is a ghostly but lovely world blanketed in cold fluffy snow. It is staggeringly lovely.

All of the South Africans have bailed out of New Jersey to explore warmer climes; two are on a cruise ship through the Caribbean Seas, two re hiking through Arizona and the American Southwest and enjoying the desert views there. One has gone to Las Vegas and I don't recall what else is on the agenda. And my beloved friend, who loves to give me hugs, he is in either Las Vegas or has moved on to San Francisco (I did warn him that the Golden Gate Bridge is orange, not gold, in colour.)

It's undoubtedly nice to be out in warmer climates when the area you live in gets nailed with snowstorms on a regular basis. But still, I can't help but appreciate the beauty of the landscape outside.

The next morning:

Well, it is a winter wonderland. There is close to ten inches of snow, and the snow blower stopped working briefly. Not my kind of thing... I can't push the blower very hard and shoveling is - for me - quite out of the question. So I will be home and bored once again. I'm a big chicken, too lily-livered for driving on unsafe roads. (As far as I'm concerned, this makes me safe and alive, not terrified and slipping and sliding into work. I'm okay with that. I spoke to Joe this morning and he agreed that there is not much going on so stay home and safe. Good man!)

I did finally reach someone at work and she said she came from Summit (which is literally just down the road from work) and the roads were very slippery. That's good enough for me. I have a sports car and it will slide all over if on not completely clear roads. (The roads that I can see from the house, mine and behind us, the main drag (North Beverwyck Road) are messy and have very few people on it. Maybe it will clear up later...) But there is nothing I need to do that cannot wait until tomorrow.


I have laundry to put away and I need to finish changing the drawer structure around in the bedroom. The way things are set up now, Luis has to walk to my side of the bed to get his clothes and I have to walk to the opposite side to get mine. It's weird. So I changed his underwear and socks to the smaller cabinet and took my underthings to the three smaller drawers on the low cabinet next to my side. His pants are still in the low piece on my side and my Under Armour, pajamas and pants are in his. So I will switch them today.

Luis also ordered $300 worth of (ugh) NutriSystem food. Considering there is a whole shelf in the back cabinet dedicated to the tons of MediFast (the more expensive, doctor-pushed form of SlimFast). Comes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry sludge and could not be more disgusting if they put mud in it.

Then again...

I suppose if they made a concerted effort, they could conceivably make it worse. I should never doubt the human ability to screw things up. However, they have really made an effort with that band food that offers no meal of any size. And to add insult to injury, you still have supplement the crap you buy from them with plenty of from the grocery store - vegetables and fruit and maybe water.... it seems everything is in the format astronauts get their food. Solid, but no water. That would explain the box Luis handed me last night and said, "Shake this." I rattled it and very loosely inside has to be the teeniest dried up "hamburger" in the world. I rolled my eyes. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

So I need to clear a book shelf now to accommodate this. He - like every dopey fad dieter in the world who would seek the quick fix - has a gazillion excuses for why these things don't work. I find it amusing at this point, because I am not stopping his efforts. I may snicker to myself over this ridiculousness but it is the money he is spending on stuff I wouldn't call feed. I wouldn't feed it ta a dog and when's the last time anyone noted a dog for fussiness?

But I'll do it, and I will try be supportive, but I haven't the slightest doubt that he will leave it by the wayside and there will be $300 of tiny colour-coded boxes, bags, packets, tubs, etc. My comment?



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