Living Outside the Hospital

I suppose the doctor lives outside the hospital just fine without any issues. Me, I live with the same issues as in the hospital every day, just on a lesser degree. Well, wondering where I am going with this? Me, too. (Not really, I figured it out...)

The doc was supposed to give me a 14-day Tizanidine script (this drug is the cheap version of Zanaflex). Instead, she gave me a less than two-day script. What a moron. They say doctors are smart but I keep encountering the not so smart ones. Or maybe they are just the distracted ones? Either way, I'm screwed and not loving it. I had multiple issues being released and this one I did not figure out until the wee hours of this morning. That, along with all the other missing pharmaceuticals as well. But those I hope to have today. There is still the issue of getting to the doc's office (in the ice) and the pharmacy to get everything. Great.

I'd best contact the doctor's office to be sure I do get them today. Otherwise it will just be that much worse. If I don't get these, I will end up back in the hospital. But this time I am going to St. Clares. I have to believe that they will do better than Mo'town. But if I do go there and I'm admitted, the crucifix has to come out of the room. That is just the way it has to be.

I can't help but think I will have the chance sometime in the next few months (if I'm lucky) and next few weeks if I'm not.


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