"Safety Not Guaranteed"

Looking for a movie that will not be like any other film you've ever seen? Something that brought a smile to my face in many parts, has great music (even the lead, Mark Duplass, did a bit with a zither - an instrument that looks like a flat, thin guitar, but while stringed, that is as far as it is related to a guitar - that was beautiful. Just beautiful) and has an ending that is totally unexpected? You want this movie. You really, really want this movie.

Luis (naturally) found it on Netflix. I had (naturally) never heard of it. That is usually how we find movies, sad to say. While Luis has greatly widened my tastes in movies, I have brought very little to the table in this particular matter.

Anyway, this magazine writer wants to do an article on a guy who put an ad in the paper that reads: WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.

What is the first thing you would think if you read this? Who is this nutter and what is doing broadcasting this bit of weirdness? Why do you need a partner for this insanity? And why would anyone buy into it?

So this writer takes two interns to go find the story on this and the one intern becomes the partner for this. You will have to get the movie just to see this and where it goes. It is completely worth it. And here is the interesting part: this is based on a true story. Some guy really did put that ad in the newspaper (I assume in Oregon or Washington) and still to this day gets responses. How funny is that?

Let me know what you think when you do see it, as I hope you will and get as much as I did out of it.


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