The Apple Household

We are almost a completely Apple household.

I am completely Mac-driven at this point. I have a PC in my office that hasn't worked right in years so it is essentially an enormous paperweight (and no, I did NOT brick it - that is not my style); I have my 2007 PC laptop (a Gateway), but we will be moving all that stuff to the Quad server (so named for the QUAD CPU inside, but I like the name, it's fitting)  and reformat it for Raquel, the woman who takes care of my mother when Ray is out, she has little money and could really use this for school. It is old, outdated and very low on memory and space, even though I bought as much memory as I could fit in it back in 2009. That is me. She won't use it nearly the way that I do, which is heavy image usage, music, etc. And I save tons of things, where she likely doesn't.

Luis has computers... is like saying a die-hard Hummel collector has a a few "nice" pieces. This is a tipping invitation. Don't just walk away, run! He has Quad, of course, and two more running in his office (there may be a third that I am unaware of). We each have our own laptops (at the moment I have two but that will change) and Luis loves his Toshiba (I think it is a Toshiba) and had to show me the rental security on it. This is Luis and his "toys" mentality.

Luis originally got an HP tablet, the one that they had the fire sale on. There were two versions, the 8GB and the 16GB if I'm not mistaken - it may be that I am mistaken. At any rate, HP released these things at a completely ridiculous price point, then realised that at $300 and $600, these things would not sell, period end of sentence. So he waited, heard about the fire sale, debated long enough (less than a day) to lose out on a good size - the 16GB, now $150 - and ended up getting the 8GB for $100. Well, he sort of got it... it took a long bloody time to get its butt here. He ordered it the beginning of August and did not receive it until the end of September. It was an outrage. And for a company that cut out the tablets, it not only got rid of them out there in the sale, it paved the way for HP to make more to keep the sales going. Unbelievable.

When he got this thing, I had to laugh. The iPad two was out and this thing was a doorstop! It was huge, which considering that most people want smaller for less space, this was just too weird. I wondered if the other one would be physically bigger and/or heavier. (Yes, these are the things that go through my mind...)

I have had my iPad since last Christmas (2011) and I love it to pieces. It is beautiful and streamlined and is like artwork. I won't say it again, since I have more than made this clear. Of course, next to Luis' enormous thing, mine looked like a credit card in its thinness and a 5" x 8" piece of writing paper in great colors while Luis just had this massive creature erroneous called a tablet.

And then I got this lovely creature, this gorgeous laptop and I think I am one for a long time with PCs. We both used to always say we'd never live in a Mac household, but our words have come back to haunt us.


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