The Approach of The Dreaded Holidays...

20 November 2012

When I worked and was loaded, I looked forward to the holidays, Christmas, really. Thanksgiving has never held any interest for me. I also cannot abide eating turkey, one of the least tasty meals around. If you cook me up a big old spiral-cut ham, that is a completely different story. I'll show for that.

I'm not earning much now. Christmas is not nearly so interesting now. But Luis promises to take care of it, which while a very nice gesture, it is not ideal. I don't care for the feeling of being indebted, even though he would not consider me to be so. I am the one feeling that way. It's not a pleasant feeling.

This year has been exceptionally hard. I've been in the hospital far too many times, been sick far too many times. I did change some of my medications and that has taken away the constant vomiting, a symptom I was happy - elated - to say goodbye and farewell to. I will do anything to avoid being physically sick like that and it was so easy to take it away - the muscle relaxant as a capsule made me sick, the tablets did not. Interesting, eh?

26 December 2012


Christmas has come and gone. I managed to pretty much avoid the whole messy thing, just as I'd wanted, and I got the one item I'd wanted most - the big MacBook Air. I've already waxed poetic about it, so there is not much to add to it.

Today is Boxing Day and here I am, still languishing in Mo'town. They are taking me off of the IV meds, which means I get to just suffer with the pain. I'm thinking of asking them to just let me out, since there is no point in just laying here with drugs I have at home. I have two cats who must be missing me like mad and telly shows and other things. Why be here? What purpose is there to it?

I suppose I should make sure that Aetna has straightened out this whole cowardly mess before I demand release. On the other hand, the doctor wants me to do physical therapy and I'd be just as happy not to. That makes me feel more ornery than ever. I don't see the value in it. I've been put through this before and haven't seen any benefits to this.

Someone nearby has visitors and the woman speaking sounds like... uh... well, completely uneducated. She's talking about how she went to college and was able to get a career (I wouldn't want to figure out what career this must be) and she's doing this for her kid(s) and quite frankly I don't want to listen to this overly-loud voice. I also smell someone's cologne or perfume and it is killing me. How much of this crap did the wearer swim in to smell like this?!

This is where my iPod comes in handy. I needn't listen to this garbage while I have music to listen to - at the moment it is Animaniacs. Now it is Thomas Newman's theme to "Six Feet Under", a great show back when it was on HBO. There are three different versions of this song and I like 'em all.

Ray is sick and won't be visiting today. It is a fairly long walk from the front of the building to the Meade section, so I get it. And sick - what fun is that? It is just a head cold, but still - it is amazing how much a head cold can lay one low. Of course, a winter one is not as bad as a summer one, but still, who wants one?

I just looked out the window and it is snow like the dickens! Well! The weather forecast has shown this for today, but every time I looked out, nothing was happening. Finally - a white day after Christmas! I find it disappointing how few white Christmas' we have these days, so getting a white Boxing Day will suffice. According to Ray it is building up on the road very quickly.

Well, they are letting me out today (wahoo) and we will have to stop at the pharmacy tonight to get my Tizanidine for a couple of weeks. By then my benefits should be back up and running. Then I can get loaded up with pain meds and such and order my three-month supplies. Those damn people wouldn't be allowed to do ANYthing to my coverage without speaking to me first. Sloppy.

Well, I guess it will be good that I will be home for the New Year. Not that I ever feel sentimental about the New Year. In fact, I don't care for it at all. Then again, it is a drinking holiday, and I never, ever like those, since I don't care for alcohol in the least. Are you wondering why? It is not because I have something against it, or a religious thing or a cultural thing (shit, I'm Irish - we have nothing against alcohol culturally when we should!): it is because I hate the taste. I really do. It tastes disgusting.

And that is that.


I definitely enjoy the way you write and hope you keep these posts coming. Congrats on the MAC AIR

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