Living in MasterChef - Outdoors Drama, Indoors Dessert Killer

Dum, da-da-dum... DUM DA-DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUM!

Yes, I'm back with more exciting MasterChef news, this time from 24 July's Episode "Top 8 Complete" - such exciting names, don't you think? I don't, but maybe that is just me. I like the title I gave it and have faith that left to one of the three judges (or all three of the judges) that this would be great! I guess it is easier to fall back on these life-less titles, however, than to go for more enticing ones.

The cooks now have to spend a night outside and come up with a dish based on what is outside and what few ingredients they get and tools as well. They get a choice of rabbit or pigeon (cough...), some vegetables. For utensils, they get one camping knife, one flint for lighting fires, one iron skillet, and a wooden spoon.

Bri and Natasha are team captains. Bri has first pick and went for James. Natasha picked Jordan; Bri, Eddie; then Natasha selected Jessie. This leaves Krissi and Luca. Gordon said this is familiar territory, Krissi being last picked again. Krissi had her feathers in a huff but just said that given a choice, she'd rather go with Natasha because she hates Bri. This is strange to me, as she hates Natasha as well. I'm not sure when Bri got higher ranking than Natasha for fellow-contestant-most-hated, but she did. Krissi stated then that it had to do with being lead by a vegetarian, a weak excuse, as Bri was a fairly confident and keen ability to cook proteins, even if she did not eat them.

Just to drive them crazy, Gordon changed the team's captains. Now Bri is stuck with Krissi. SIGH. He's right, though, one cannot do this without cooking with all. Bri's team now had to pick their main course - Bri's team went for the three rabbits; Natasha's team gets the pigeons. More power to them. I don't think I'd eat either comfortably. And then along with this lovely entree, each gets some quail eggs, potatoes, carrots, a teensy bit of cooking oil, and a few spices. No electricity, no running water, no utensils outside of those listed above. What joy. Quite frankly, they were given to much. They'd not have had an easy time finding any of those items - especially the cooking oil! - out there.

Bri comes up with the insane idea of making pasta to go with braised rabbit! Pasta! Goodness me... that is ballsy - making pasta from quail eggs and flour. Braised ragu rabbit with pasta. Yow. On the other hand, the blue team roasted a pigeon and when Joe asked what kind of dish they were making, they stuttered and stammered and had nothing. That was amazing! Not a thing.

Yes, same issue. I put this mooch work into it and no more. I guess I ran out of steam, which happens all too easily these days.


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