Sitcoms Are Disappearing - HOORAH!

You need to understand this from my shoes; my very sarcastic but right-on-the-nose shoes. My shoes that feel this is the worst kind of telly viewing.

First, please read my cousin's Web page: 

Then, my comments:

"Well, well. I was very surprised - pleasantly - to read this. I know you love sitcoms and I feel they should all burn in effigy, but this was an honest appraisal. I myself have only ever submitted to two sitcoms and the first one took on more strong subjects for its time than most and the second... well... I just could not keep up with it. I did try Bad Judge but had to give up - it had a few too many dopey moments for me, as much as I might have liked it.

I did enjoy Suburgatory its first two seasons but tired quickly of the idiot with the robot voice, zero I.Q. and terrible shoes and make up. I can't even recall her name. The main character, Tessa, was wonderful, but I knew far too many self-absorbed (yes, to THAT degree) people in my high school days and found I hadn't the taste to go through it again. Some things carry lasting affects.

My reasoning for hating The Office is not what you might think. Well, not JUST what you might think. I spent a lifetime doing Human Resources, the only job I ever loved, completely gave of myself to do. That and being a volunteer EMT, one of my best efforts as well. To have this idiot's show come and do more harm than good to my life's work was more than I could bear. The sad and hideous fact is that watching the telly can have a fairly lasting impact and damage more than it helps. This show was exactly that: people immediately became wary of seeing their HR person. I was that person. You have no idea how much this hurt all of my efforts. Now, granted, some companies do have the worst sorts of people in their HR departments, but the bulk of us are NOT like that. And we bust our butts to be advocates for our employees, so often to no avail (more due to the company's mentality of "eve money at all costs" than us). we certainly did not need help from that source. Does that at least give some insight to why I felt so bitter about this particular show? I know I don't always give the whole story, but here it is.

The primary sitcom that I ever watched every single episode was M*A*S*H. That is it. The rest have exactly what you described: the tired laugh-track, the poor jokes, shows to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I'm sorry for that, you know I don't mean you or Luis, but let's be honest. The majority of viewers these days are the least educated and it is for them these shows are aired."

Which probably has you, dear readers, wondering what, if anything, I DO watch. Well, yes, I do watch the telly, probably two much (maybe two hours per day) - but let's be honest - give me books over television anytime! But, no, I will share what telly shows I do watch:

The Blacklist
Persons of Interest (yeah, I really find Jim Caviezel smoking' hot! But that is not enough...)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas)
Scorpions (I read about Walter O'Brien - quite the person)
Outlander (whoofah! Talk about "HOT")
Castle (starting to see a theme here, are ya'?)
How to Get Away with Murder
Perception (also a favorite - Eric McCormack as a man with bipolar disease who teaches brain mechanics for college students and solves crimes in his own unique way)
Drop Dead Diva

Are you wondering, then, if I'm such a tough stick with movies? Better believe it, baby. It is had to get past my more fussy and exacting standards for films. For example: I could never make it through Something About Mary or Airplane or worst, Blazing Saddles. But I loved Dave, which has its dopey moments but is a sufficiently charming film. So for you, my top ten films:

10. Gravity
9. The Bird Cage
8. M*A*S*H
7. It's a Mad, Ma, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
6. Captain Phillips
5. LadyHawke
4. Escape Plan
3. Ratatouille
2. Brave
1. The Shawshank Redemption

And my upcoming posts will have an entire post dedicated to The Shawshank Redemption. It would not be right to tell not that story.


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