The ABSOLUTE Misery...

...of dealing with other drivers.

I'm not the perfect driver, but I'm a good driver. I am not a rabid speeder; my comfort zone is 70 miles an hour. I don't tailgait, which seems never to work in my favour since keeping a safe distance means more than a car length and everyone is determined to fill in any open spaces. I refuse to play musical lanes. Once I'm in the left lane, that is where I plan to stay until I am ready to exit. That is not generally a good tactic, but I find that once I learned about CEVO driving and ambulance operations, I prefer that style of driving. Get to the safety zone, then head to your destination, then worry about the getting off the road and getting to where I need to go.

There are no safety zones. Not in this misbegotten state!

Everyone is a bad driver. I'm not but I am fighting with an entire state's worth of truly worthless drivers. The short woman in a huge Suburban truck who clearly needed to be reminded about her turn signal and when it is appropriate to use it. Or how about the fifth car who stopped enough to look around for a cop before running the red light, very much on purpose? WHEN DID THIS BECOME HEALTHY AND SAFE?! WHEN DID IT BECOME ACCEPTABLE?!

Clearly I missed the memo that said one's driving is best served by causing accidents. So until I actually get a copy, I will continue to stop at stop signs and yellow lights and most especially, drive at 70mph in the hammer lane, where I am still breaking the law but in a way that no cop wants to pull me over. Whaddya think?


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