Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT: Area 51

Penn & Teller have asserted that this hubbub about Area 51 is bullshit.

I have to agree. Do I think the government has secrets and is guarding one (or more) in Area 51? Sure. All governments have secrets. And they probably all have them in areas that we know about, such as any base or place like Picatinny Arsenal, since those would be the obvious places. But I wouldn't expect any government to have all the information they have open to John Q. Public. Given how many stupid people there are, it's just as well.

Area 51 is known as the place with alien secrets. And you should see the winners on this show.

I believe there are aliens, and I'm sure they've stopped by to check us out. I'm also completely confident that they tuned into our channels, saw the wars, general violence and of course, nations' leaders speaking and looked at each other in horror and quickly put out the word that this planet needs to be avoided. Seriously avoided. They'll stop in around 2900 to see if we've finally blown each other to pieces or if we finally figured out how to coexist. Right now, I'd have to bet on the former...

And if they stopped in while President Bush was in office, they not only put out the word, they left shaking in their boots!

I always did when he spoke. I shook, I cringed and then I ripped his "English" to shreds, since it appears English is not his first language. I'm not sure it is his tenth language. And he went to college - well, I misspoke. His education was bought at a high-end college. Clearly the money was squandered. (Before you say it, the same is absolutely true of Dan Quayle, too.)

I am not a fan of President Obama, not anymore, but


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