The Restorative Power of a Hug

Most people don't want to hug me. Not at work, anyway. And to a large degree it makes sense. Not too many people feel comfortable hugging the Human Resources Manager. It's a daunting idea. What if it is not received well?

I get that. I'm most approachable and friendly and never hesitate to be touchy-feely with the people I know who are comfortable. It is a limiting feeling to not be so approachable on a more touchy feely basis.

But one person there is a just such a love, a great, good friend, with warmth and happiness that is best and most effectively given to others through a hug. So whenever we see each other, we hug each other. There is nothing inappropriate in it, there is nothing sexual in it, it is just a wonderful, warm reassuring hug that like looking at the stars and planets does for me, the hugs restore perspective.

I love that.


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