Bicentennial Man

What makes a movie great?

Plot line, acting, music, visuals and ease of following the plot. For some, that last variable means a very convoluted story with a lot of details and small plots inclusive and for others, a more linear, easy to follow single plot.

Bicentennial Man offers all of that. The five main items that make a great movie are represented in this film. The opening scenes for the title and credits are interesting, with wonderful music. Watching Andrew find himself and subsequently others is a journey that is incredible. Seeing the android slowly morph into Robin Williams' character is great. It is a heartwarming movie.

Few movies make this kind of marks with me. It may not seem that way from what I write, but who wants to write about the lousy movies that are out there? And maybe it is a benefit to find many movies to be good, but Luis can sit through movies that in a million years I wouldn't watch. He just got back from seeing the latest Twilight movie, of which I've seen none. (I also find that current trends don't interest me. I've been reading books on vampires since I was a kid, long before the crowd that this line appeals to was born. I suspect that the purist in me feels that the vampire movies of today would not compare favourably to Anne Rice or other authors of my time.)

I've seen a lot of movies (not compared to Luis, but again, I'm okay with that); so few really do get the high marks. Almost any Pixar movie gets that and many other animated films do, too. I don't need to own all of them.

Some movies are predicated on actors, though very few fall into that category. Tom Hanks is one of the very few that are in the collection of movies I have.

And some are series - mostly television series, but some movies, too. The Shrek films are there; the Open Season movies; and the Star Trek films are there. The first three Star Wars movies are there but by that I mean numbers 4, 5, and 6 - I did not care at all for 1, 2, and 3. And others as well.

Some are science fiction and some are comedies - romantic and otherwise - and some are dramas. I have criteria for those beyond just the genre. Dramas cannot be too dark - humour has to be in it. Comedies cannot be dopey - I hated Something About Mary. Everyone else I know loved it (I can't image why). Science fiction and dramas can't be too gory. I don't mind most of the Grey's Anatomy shows; I have seen a few CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that I had to close my eyes or turn away, because a scene was too violent.

I can go out on the ambulance to see real horrors and blood and it is a wholly different thing from seeing movies with realistic gore.

I've run out the steam...


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