The Hammock in an Approaching Storm

You would think that this would be a bit more wow! than you'd think.

I had gone out to my hammock around 15:40, only to see a brightly blue sky with not a single stray cloud anywhere. Okay, it must be OK, the forecast was off and there'd be no storm approaching. Well, alrighty then! I hooked up my ear covers, started up my iPod, and set up my beautiful hammock.

I lay in it and it swung from side to side gently, eventually stopping. The stopping was disappointing - once the hammock was in its normal spot, nothing moved. I mean nothing: not a single leaf twitched, not a blade of grass quivered, nothing. Not a breath of moving air. It was only 79°F but it was 84% humidity - disgusting.

So I lay in my hammock, and did not even read page... whatever page I was on! I lay there in the heat and humidity, sweating with my iPod playing, realising that this is very warm. But in moments I fell asleep. Sheesh.

I slept for a good long time, from 18:00 to 19:47. I would have remained sleeping, however, through the music, muted, was a strange sound... the sound of shelling in M*A*S*H. It was so odd. I managed to prop my eyes open enough to see the darkening skies right overhead! The distant sound of shelling resolved itself into the sharp sound of ongoing thunder.

H'mmmm. I decided hanging out in the hammock for this may easily expose me directly to lightning. I was up and outta that hammock as fast as possible. I cleared off the hammock and got the bedding and pillow inside, and then took myself as fast as I could to the front of the house to get my camera and attempt to get lightning. I succeeded. The storm did not. It passed over head and the wind whipped up and made it look like a real storm. All good things are not meant to last. The storm went off to the northeast and we had about twenty raindrops and the humidity is now ungodly high. Unreal!

Next time, I'm going to take my chances with the weather to make the rains come and maybe some lightning. We need the rain!


CrystalChick said…
We have an enclosed porch on the front of our house. I'm not AS fond as hubby is to watch the storms from there but I'm getting better.
Hubby would soooo love a hammock but we're under the flight path of the airport in Philly so sometimes it's not pleasant to be in the yard and hear them all the time.

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