Hell's Kitchen 2012

July 2012

Oh, yes, it is that time of the year: the weather is hot, thunderstorms (with hail - woohoo!) abound (a phenomenon that I love and revel in), people have cookouts...

...and a slew of new victims find themselves in Hell's Kitchen.

Now, this is Season TEN of this show. I have to believe that all of these contestants have seen the show - at least one season! I'd be shocked if they hadn't. And yet they come to the show and consistently make the same errors that all the "victims" make. And this group... yikes... they are by far the most non-cohesive, ego-driven, moronic group there is. The only cook I find at all likeable is Patrick and now he is beginning to run into issues. I'm not sure what is happening with him. He started out as the potential leader in the blue kitchen, but last week and this week he is having problems.

The women... well, they really give all women a bad name. They are bickering, nasty, bitchy, sneaky and catty. The large woman, Kimmie, was best friends with Robyn. Now they are fighting to the point where it looks as though they will come to fisticuffs. Then there is Tiffany... she is a total nutter. She seems normal enough, but then the second personality who is much like...

16 September 2012
This is as far as I'd gottenwith this particular posting. Luis and Ray and I honestly thought we weren't going to find anyone acceptable for the position that Chef Ramsey had. By the time we were down to five candidates left, we were rooting for Dana. By the time we were down to Justin and Christina, we were either unsure or went for Christina. (Well, Luis and I did.) Christina won. We were happy, and we did feel for Justin - he was crushed that he didn't get it.

We were all unhappy with Clemenza and how he did [not] work for Justin - he unfortunately chose Barbie (a terrible choice) and was stuck with Clemenza, whom no one wanted. He might have been better off and the first choice had he not had those two. But we won't know, and for now, I'd think Christina won it on her own merits, not because of the team she had. (Although Dana certainly was not a good choice - she argued with Christina even after the chef that works for Chef Ramsey told her to do what she was told!)

And then there was Master Chef...

We were completely delighted that Christine won! YAY!


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