ARTICLE - Pubic Hair: 2012's Hottest Accessory?

In the 1970s, bigger was better. In the ’80s and ’90s, its popularity waxed and waned. But in the ’00s, that once-revered patch of lovely lady locks performed a vanishing act. We’re talking about pubic hair, folks, and the fact that once upon a time, people embraced the bush, but over the last decade, it has fallen out of favor as more and more women opt for bald vajayjays.

Some people blame porn and a youth-obsessed culture that infantilizes women for the vilification of pubic hair, while others trace its demise to Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw’s introduction of the Brazilian wax to the mainstream. Whatever the case, the trend has caught on enough for a college-age man in Minnesota to say that he’d never hook up with a girl with pubic hair and that he’d be disgusted to undress a woman and discover a, as the Atlantic put it, “veil of genital fur.” But the tide may be changing on this “bare is better” mentality, or at least that’s what our friends at Jezebel suggest. The fact that waxed vulvas are officially mainstream, or mainstream enough to be the expressed preference in a Minnesota college classroom, might mean that it’s lost its appeal for elite tastemakers, who must now reach for something taboo to shock the masses, something unexpected, something—gasp!—au natural.

The basis for this hypothesis? The latest issue of the decidedly cool and edgy fashion magazine Industrie, which features model Saskia de Brauw in the nude with her bush blazing. And in the last year, mossy cottages have graced the pages of LOVE magazine, Vogue Paris, and Arena Homme Plus. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the bald lady flower after all. What do you think? Are you happy to see nature’s tufted treasure make a comeback?

(Fun vagina euphemisms courtesy of TheFrisky.)

And my thoughts?
I've tried shaving it all off more than once. When a cure for the severe itching that occurs when growing back the patch is found, I may try it again. Until then, no thank you. And I find I look strange without something there - as though the clock went back but only partially. It is an odd look to have full breasts, hips and waist but a little girl's pubic area - as if something isn't quite right.
Never once have I gone for or even considered going for a Brazilian wax. Yikes. Beauty is nice, but at what price? Especially for an area seen by two men: Luis and my OB/GYN. ANd my OB/GYN, Dr. Bissinger, is hardly going to comment on my choice of housekeeping where my vagina is concerned - other than to voice a concern over possible damage. And waxing the inside or almost-inside areas of my vagina is not going to feel good under any circumstances. So it is not worth thinking about.
Not to me, anyway.
I wouldn't let it grow unfettered, either. Maybe that sounds funny coming from someone who doesn't bother shaving or waxing her legs in the winter (with the secure knowledge that no one will see my legs in winter), but I don't want a ton of hair cascading down my legs from my private parts. The leg hair is nonexistent on my upper legs and light on my lower but pubic hair is thick, black and not meant to be hanging all over. (OK, it is meant to do that, but it is unattractive to let it do that.) So a certain amount of trimming is to be expected.

And that is all that is to be expected.


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