Sunday Seven - Episode #319

With items that range from cell phones to ballpoint pens, there are surely at least a few items on that list that you have either owned or used. Can you name seven of them?

That’s your challenge for this week.
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Name seven of Time’s 100 All-Time Gadgets that you’ve either owned or used.

1. Bose Noise Cancelling headphones: the best things in life are made by Apple AND Bose! I have a pair of these babies - not only can you listen to the music player of your choice, but you can completely block out the noise and deafening sounds of the airplane's engines as well! Life demands the best - and these are the best!

2. Pager: This is not a pager in the simple sense of what you mean. On the squad we carry Motorola pagers (which we still call plektrons, although that is an old term and not accurate). This is a pager by which we hear police headquarters send us a call for us to go to. So we hear "Standby, Car 66..." then we hear our tones blown out by the police, then, "Car 66, your services are requested at 123 Ball Court for an 80-year-old, fallen with hip injury. Time out: 21:38." Pretty cool stuff, huh?

3. Kodak EasyShare One camera: I've had this camera four or five years now and I love it. Excellent images, great to work with, easy to download... what's not to love?

4. Black & Decker Cordless Drill: Anyone can use this. Get a spare battery or two and you are good to go!

5. Smoke detector: Anything that saves lives is worth having and it has already saved ours! I'd always talk to the fire department about what to get, but we have six smoke and heat detectors, all hard-wired to one another so the whole house will be alerted if something is amiss.

6. Clock radio: What would life be without the clock radio? No more just trying to go to sleep without one's favourite radio station to lull you into the arms of Morpheus? Later generations brought us the iClock (or whatever it is called), although I have a CD/clock radio. If I am going to awaken to music, at least let it be the music of my choice!

7. Fisher AG7 Space pen: I admit it: I'm a pen snob. The first pen I did purchase was the Sensa Pen but the second or third one was the Fisher Space Pen. I still have them all and well, there is no better pen on earth! The Fisher pen is great, but the Sensa pens, designed after the Fisher Space pen, is really designed not just to work in zero-G, underwater, in a vacuum, and under any weird circumstance you can think of, it is designed to do it in comfort! This is what makes writing magical!

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