Sunday Seven - Episode #320

There’s a lot of advice about how to blog out there. Much like parenting, there are a lot of “experts” out there, whether they’re actually experts or just amateurs who can put on a convincing show.

I found a list of the Top 100 Blog Tips of All Time. I’m sure there are a lot more than 100 tips out there, but it doesn’t surprise me that someone was able to compile that many.

Some of them are common sense. A few stand out as pretty good ideas. Others are the kind that you read and you just want to smack whoever wrote those particular tips. This latter variety is the kind we’re focusing on.
When you have 100 options, finding seven that you think are the most annoying shouldn’t be too difficult. That’s your challenge for this week.
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Name seven of the Top 100 Blogging Tips of All Time that you find most annoying.

1. Blogs should be about one topic. I didn't look at the list yet, I recall that from one of your posts. How annoying is that?! Why should I be so limited as that? I'm not selling something, I'm not on a tear about one thing and I'm not a politician. So why should I just write about one thing?

2. Don't blog with the only aim of making money... and yet, the list appears to be geared toward ONLY making money, whereas I have no interest in pimping myself or my thoughts out to do so.
3. Whoever wrote this did not spell check or reread it to correct the myriad mistakes made. Yikes...!

4. Why do I need to read e-books when I can read the real thing? Give me pages and books anytime!
5. I must advertise? Why? Who are you to tell I must do anything? (I hate that. It's my blog, not yours to make rules.)

6. I am appalled - ask for donations?! What the hell for? Doesn't anyone do anything for fun any more?
7. The more I read this, the more ticked off I became. For someone who put in points like not making this all about making money and correcting mistakes, it seems that making them and money was ALL it was about. Humph. Bad advice galore.

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