Sunday Stealing - The Blue Memory Meme Part 1 (4 December)

The Blue Memory Meme, Part One

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. Let's go!!!

Today we ripped off a blogger and blog called BlueLifeMemories. It's long so we will do it in two parts. She states she stole it from a friend, but did not say which friend. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Blue Memory Meme, Part One

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1) If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say? Go find someone more interesting to listen to; I'm tired and a little crabby! Sheesh... (If you ask again tomorrow, who knows what answer you will get, eh?

2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? The big qualifier is living or dead, really. But since it is ON this earth, we will stick to the living. I vacillate between Colin Firth, who is such a joy on the silver screen and seems to down-to-earth in interviews; um, well, I can't meet Andy Rooney or Harry Morgan or Steve Jobs, any longer... oh, but I could meet John DeLancie (played Q) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Tom Hanks, hmmm. If we were able to include the deceased, the historical and political movers and shakers would be there, scientists, heretics, etc. Alas, who would I meet now? Surely NOT Sarah Palin who came away from a politically paid trip for her AND her family to Boston with 'Of Paul Revere, Palin said, “He who warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.“ Revere, of course, warned the colonists of Charlestown that the Hessians were approaching on the night of April 18, 1775 using lanterns (“one if by land, two if by sea”) – not bells. And Paul would've sounded like an idiot saying, "The British are coming," as back in 1775, we all still considered ourselves British. Hence the Hessians were coming. 
This is my laptop desktop image. Ques. #13

3) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go? Well, the Moon, but no one is going there any longer. Wow. So many choices. I'm going to Hawaii! I have always wanted to see the volcanoes and this is it - my perfect chance! If it were early August, I would go to Iceland to see their volcanoes! The other place to drop everything and go to is South Africa, where I have so many friends to see!

4) What do you think about most? Being healthy, normal, wishing I could work, run, do all the things I used to do. Not terribly exciting, I suppose.

5) You have the opportunity to spend a romantic night with the music celebrity of your choice. Who would it be? Oh, ohhh, my... how romantic? Just candlelit dinner and a serenade or the Full Monty, baby? I'd have to say Adam Ant - delicious!

6) You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be? No, I can't do that. I need all of my experiences, good, bad, indifferent - those are what make me, ME. Complete, whole, me. I need them, as much as I might wish I hadn't.

7) What's your strangest talent? I guess on a creative level, drawing. On a not-thinking-about-it level, being empathic to others.

8) What would be a question you'd be afraid to tell the truth on? Oh, soooooo many options...

9) Ever had a poem or song written about you? Yes, but it was MANY years ago and long since forgotten. Not anything famous, mind you!

10) When is the last time you played the air guitar? I guess when I was 16? If ever?

11) Do you have any strange phobias? Do I have any strange phobias. I don't have too many phobias... just one... and it is common as dirt. I'm arachnophobic. Very, very arachnophobic... Horrifyingly so. But that isn't strange.

12) What's your religion? I'm not religious, I'm spiritual, if that makes sense. I like to take bits and pieces from different religions and I ignore one: Roman Catholicism... its history speaks for itself.

13) What is your current desktop picture? It is the image shown above.

14) When you are outside, what are you most likely doing? Different things. Not any one thing comes to mind.

15) What's the last song you listened to? Um... The theme to Apollo 13.

16) Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band? U2, Coldplay, Apocalyptica, Rammstein, Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Pink Martini, Beethoven, Mozart, music from around the world... there can be no one favourite.

17) What was the last lie you told? I never lie, ha ha.

18) Do you believe in karma? Yes, I do.

19) What is a saying you say a lot? Bite me. I have to be careful with this, however... Bob (my lieutenant) will actrually grab my arm and bite me! What a nutter!

20) What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength? A good question and one I used to ask candidates. But there is a trick to answering those questions and this is not a job interview. My greatest weakness is a total lack of patience. I want things and I want them NOW. Hardly a positive. My greatest strength, well, I thought I answered that above... sometimes the greatest strength is the same as the greatest talent...

21) Who is your celebrity crush? Hmmm. Again, so many choices. It is hard to pick one. Let me think. Pierce Brosnan.

22) Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word: heart. Surgery.

23) How do you vent your anger? I'm not one to get truly awfully angry. I discuss my feelings openly as a matter of course, so little has an opportunity to fester and reach a blowing point. However, if you do reach that blowing point, run!

24) Do you have a collection of anything? Yes, I have several collections that I really enjoy. I'm not a hoarder, I promise. But by the tenets of the book Stuff, I am a collector. However, I never let my house get cluttered or my collections take over the house. But that is not what you asked. I collect things that I can use, that are practical. Well, all except one thing. I collect candles, Sensa pens (although Willat sold to Sanford and Sanford didn't make any Sensa pens), writing paper, books, CDs/music, DVDs (to a point; it's a rather small collection), tea, bank notes and coins (United States and foreign) and finally, crystals/gemstones. The crystals/gemstones are pure and simple beauty - they don't have any practical value other than I love to look at them.

25) What is your favorite word? One favourite word? Loquacious. (You're fortunate - usually there is no one favourite word, but you got me at the right time.

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing! Please leave a comment or link when you have posted. Stop back and visit other player’s posts. That is really what this is all about, making new friends! Have a great week. See you next Sunday!


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