A.W.A.D. - Words Related to Foods

(Just for Chef...)
There are times when we have eat our words, and that's never pleasant. But this week's words are all edible and potable (from Latin edere: to eat, and potare: to drink). Some describe food, others are used metaphorically, and in some cases, the food origin is hidden in the etymology. And we have quite a varied menu. We serve words from French, Latin, Italian, and Greek. Bon appétit!

(VUHR-joos) noun
The sour juice of unripe grapes, crab apples, etc.
Sour in temper.

[From French verjus, from vert (green) + jus (juice).]

(jen-TAK-yuh-luhr) adjective
Relating to breakfast.

[From Latin jentare (to breakfast).]

(si-BAR-ee-uhs) adjective
1. Relating to food.
2. Edible.

[From Latin cibus (food).]

(mak-ah-RON-ik) adjective
Involving a mixture of languages.

[From Latin macaronicus, from Italian dialect maccarone (macaroni), probably alluding to the jumble of macaroni and sauce on a plate.]

(zi-ROF-uh-jee) noun
The eating of dry food, especially food that's cooked without oil.

[From Latin xero- (dry), from Greek xeros + Latin -phagy (eating), from Greek phagia. In the early Christian Church, xerophagy meant eating food cooked in water and salt during Lent. Xerophagy has also been practiced in prison and in the military as a form of punishment.]


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