Cell Phones Will Become Primary

A primary offense, that is!

I certainly hope this is true!

"[11/02/07 – 11:32 pm] Earlier today, the Governor signed into law an amendment to NJSA 39:4-97.3 which makes the use of a cell phone by a person who is operating a motor vehicle a primary offense. This means police may effect a motor vehicle stop upon viewing this violation.

The amended statute also makes it an offense to "text message" while driving. Finally, the amended statute provides that when the cell phone law is utilized as part of a plea and sentence agreement in municipal court, the same penalties and $250 surcharge that is required for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle under NJSA 39:4-97.2 shall apply. Moreover, a conviction for the cell phone offense will count as a prior conviction of unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

The amended law will go into effect on April 1, 2008."

I can't beieve that it has to be spelled out that you should not text message from your cell phone WHILE DRIVING! Hoe stupid does anyone have to be? I know I have low opinion of texting, but honestly, does anyone do this while operating a 2,000lb vehicle? That is unreal.
Some feedback already:
10 November 0815
My father:

I couldn’t agree more heartily. My feeling is that the guillotine would improve anyone who drives and attempts simultaneously to write a letter (that’s really what it amounts to). I always think of those five girls, fresh out of high school who crashed and burned to death while text-messaging (and also driving illegally). I also think their parents are criminally liable.
I loath cell phones at best, especially in restaurants. I find other people’s conversations totally uninteresting (and WHY do they have to be held at an ear-splitting decibel level). Smokers have to hit the sidewalk to poison themselves; cell-phoners should accompany them. (My great-aunt-Tilly of a computer says there’s no such word as phoner. And it’s no happier with phonist. It’s a bad day when a machine moralizes.) What did these people do before cell phones? (In Sweden, all new-borns emerge with a cellphone already in place. Amazing.
10 November; 0922
My uncle
Hi! Yes, there are stupid people around! :-)


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