Voting is My Civic Duty...

...but is it the right thing to do?

Me with my "I Voted" sticker securely affixed to my face.

I normally say that is true, but I have to wonder. Given my ignorance of the running candidates, am I really qualified to vote? I'm doubting it. I don't know them, I don't read about them. The one time I voted for a Republican (for Parsippany Mayor), she turned out to be a total nutter. The other candidate won by 48 votes and she is still - STILL pushing the issue. He was voted in three years ago. Clearly that was a mistake, voting for her. But she was really onboard with not charging people for ambulance rides with the Par-Troy paid crews. We liked that and so we were a motivating force behind her. However, she is too nuts and I have to say I'm thrilled she did not make it into office. The current incumbent seems nice. (Then again, what do I know?)

So I went to the appropriate school in our appropriate district (I thought that was District 4, but that is a Parsippany-only designation for the various township services - fire coverage, EMS coverage, garbage and recycling pickup. Apparently for the purposes of voting one has nothing to do with the other.

I cast my ballots in about three minutes - all Democrats and yes to all four state questions. Granted the Democrat-across-the-board voting style is not great. However, in the case of the State Questions, Luis and I reviewed them so that I would know what the heck they meant. I decided to vote yes to all of them. The last one you know; I posted about that on Saturday night (I think), the posting called "State Question No. 4".

So now the idiots who've been voting - like me - can't!

Luis wearing his sticker on his jacket. In all honesty, I'd spent all day reminding myself that I had to vote, but then when I got home after a 10-hour day at work and then running the gauntlet on Route 24 West (where I was disgustingly tailgaited by two huge SUVs and then heard SSSCCCCRREEEEEEEEEE - POOF! and looked into my review mirror to see an accident happen right at the time I heard POOF!), I was hurting and wanted to just relax. Luis came home, exploded out of his clothes like usual, ate dinner and then announced that we need to go do our civic duty and vote... groan...


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