A Post A Day?

I'm suddenly thinking that I can make 365 posts for this year.

I don't always have something to say and there are plenty of posts that are articles or song lyrics or pictorials. But they are still posts and qualify as me saying something - it just may not be in my words. At the outset of the year I was not posting much at all and had thought that I was way beyond the point of managing to make this worthwhile. But in September, October and this month, I have averaged a much higher amount of posts. I had 57 for September, 44 for October and currently 43 for November, not including this one and the one entitled "Thanksgiving Weekend", which should be complete tonight.

Not bad.

November has more to go because there should be one song's lyrics every day. There are no shortages of material there, just the time to do it. And there are a multitude of subjects to be commented upon, but it is staggering how little time there is in the day to do it. Not to mention that some of my thinking gets done in the shower or on the road. Especially on the road with the endless hordes of bad drivers and other nightmarish things that go on. Some times there is actually something good to report but this is a rare occurrence.

I don't say much about work, although I could. I've been asked to "sanitize" the blog and I don't disagree with that. (I still have to weed through April this year to current to be sure that I have done that... I should put that on my To Do list. I keep forgetting...) I don't love it but I don't have an issue with it. My coworkers hate it but I think they have reached the conclusion that if I put up something that is truly objectionable and they ask me to take it down providing an explanation of why I should do so, I will acquies to their request. So they keep an eye on it and I take their advice when given. It works well.

I suspect that I can write a lot more about things there than I do, but it is okay. However, former companies that no longer exist get no such conditional guarantees. USI-bashing is acceptable. I don't say anything that is not true or that is personal and confidential to anyone I still know from that company. But I can point out the collassal mistakes they've made and hopefully just one employer somewhere will learn something from that.

Well. I need to get ready.

More blogging ahead!


CrystalChick said…
Oooh yes, keep blogging. I can't say I read every word, but I have stopped by enough and have interest in enough of your posts to keep coming back!! Can't wait to read about your Thanksgiving weekend!! Oh my, I think I need to do one too... LOL family... so interesting....
Chat soon hopefully in email anyway. I've been away for a bit due to some stuff going on but trying to get back to into my blog again. Have a happy day!

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