I weighed myself this morning and I am down a whole 12.5lbs! I cannot believe it! I've been working out all week - home yoga for 80 minutes on Monday, fast walking at the gym on Tuesday, yoga in a formal class that has nearly killed me yesterday and 20 minutes at the gym of fast walking today! Incredible!

It is incredible that I have worked out every day and incredible that I have so clearly lost weight as a result of four days of exercise! Not that I haven't always known that but you know, it's alway inconvenient or too much or whatever. Clearly for me dieting is ineffective without exercise. Luis had the weight melt right off his midsection when he dieted, but for me, nothing really moves... without moving!

I have no idea if this will continue as well as it is going or if I will plateau quickly and that will be the end of it. Either way, I'm down quite a bit and loving it. If I keep going I will be that much happier. Although I'm eagerly awaiting the pain in my muscles to part from my back, parts of arms and parts of my legs - specifically the backs of my thighs - from the first yoga class I have been to in months!


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