Just Six Hours to Go...

...until the clocks slide back.

On the way home from my parents, I said to Luis, "I know there is only six and a half hours to go but we should heavily lobby for the clocks not to go back. Right now." He chuckled at that.

He may laugh and if there are many readers, you may chuckle at this, too. If I were someone else, I'd laugh, too. But I'm still me, and while normally that is okay, my body (or my mind, or both) is one that finds the time change unkind. Certainly I suffer madly when the time changes. While many people experience jet lag while traveling, how do I have "jet lag" when not moving? And yet, I might as well have it. Every April and every October for my entire life I have had trouble with this. This year, however, I suffered March and November!

If you look back through my blog, you can see I mentioned this everywhere:

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Well, anything that figures this largely into screwing up my very strict Circadian rythms is noteworthy each and every year. So it gets more press tonight. Of course, it won't be long until I run around changing all the clocks. I think I will just unplug the atomic clock and see if it resets it correctly.

We shall see how Monday morning goes.


Just a quick note: I was nodding off in front of the telly with Luis and I woke up. It was 2039. I went into the bedroom for a minute and reset the clock to reflect the new time (I realise that it is not 0200, but we covered that already). It was then 1939... how is it that early and I'm this tired?

It won't get better right away. But it will become normal after a few days, albiet depressing.


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