Another One Bites the Dust! (LaToya Gone!)

Ye gods.

Normally, I don't want to post the whole thing each week when there is another two-hour episode of Celebrity Apprentice, but after this last one... well, wow. They both fell flat on their faces. Both teams did poorly and were eaten alive by the executives. They were chewed up and spit out. The mens' team had only three guys who were overworked (but still very relieved not to have Gary). But the little details, like leaving out any - ANY - kind of contact information, was a huge gaff. And while the men used to have the creative edge, they did not have it this time. They stuck to the tried and true methods of what high-end hospitality is.

And then there was the womens' team.


Star Jones was the team leader and as usual she glued herself to the laptop to put it all together. The concept was to create four images that showed how high-end Trump hotels are. Star visualised four different images and there were errors. Star also put together the pitch. It was terrible. Just terrible. Hope was wearing a towel while in the bathtub, it was visible. The champagne that Hope was supposed to be drinking was next to a closed (as in sealed) bottle of champagne. It looked like an ad for the Poconos.

The pitch, well, what a fiasco. Star did the bulk of the speaking and then the four other women had a one-word entrance (such as "elegant", "discreet") - with the notable exception of Marlee, the rest sounded bored and lackluster. I wouldn't characterise Marlee as anything like the rest, although she plays the game really well and is (just like the rest) reluctant to name one person to be fired. But she is several cuts above the rest.

Star pulled in LaToya Jackson and NeNe Leakes to the boardroom. It is amazing. LaToya is terrible. She is wussy and useless. No spine whatsoever. She never has a spine. Star has so much spine - along with NeNe - that LaToya can't go anywhere. She was right to roll her eyes about this task, but she did not stand up to Star at the meetings to say, "Hey, I disagree with your concepts." Her argument? "You can't say anything to Star." Well, you didn't even try.

NeNe is right, LaToya is not strong. But Star is too much. Somewhere there is a balance, but they can't find it. Anywhere. Donald oddly thinks LaToya is good, but recognised that the womens team really had no use for her. So her fired her just like that. It was a good change.

So another week marches on with now seven total players. I see Meatloaf, John Rich and Marlee as finalists. Star won't make it (too controlling, too pushy), Lil John probably won't make it (I can't pin down why specifically, but I can't see him exceeding John Rich or Meatloaf), and NeNe Leakes is really a follower rather than a leader. She is strong in that she won't keep anything to herself, but that doesn't make her good at her job (on this show).

She is here to win, but won't. I hope she outlasts Star, but after that I won't stand behind her.

My personal vote? Marlee Matlin. She's incredible.


unwashedflyer said…
they should have gangster apprentice... huh.

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