Spring? What Spring?

Remember on 13 March I posted about looking forward to spring? Big mistake!

What friggin' spring? It has been rainy and raw. Saturday we had a monsoon and now we have flooding - again. As if the first time five weeks ago wasn't enough. And then the week before last it rained five out of seven days. This week was unique - and great for me - in that between Monday and yesterday, there were eight thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms. Bring 'em on!

I don't know what it was like outside today - I seem to feel poorly on Mondays more often than other days, and today was that. (For reasons passing understanding, if I eat at night - you know, night-night, after I've taken meds to go to sleep, if I eat anything, I end up vomiting. Yuck. Last night I made the huge mistake of eating around 0100. At 0130, everything came up, including and most especially the meds that keep me from being in agony. I couldn't eat or take anything until around 1100. I was a mess. And the worst thing is after the first time, there is nothing but bile to come up and that is painful.) Stupid me.

Let's see what this week holds for the weather... Shocking... rain all week except for Thursday. How charming. And a flood warning is on. Just delightful.

I have in my hot little hands my new hammock and I can't wait to lay in it. However, except for last Monday, when it was 80 plus degrees out, it's been too cold out. (I'm sorry, but 50 - 60 degrees is not warm enough. Not even close.) So no hammock for me. I haven't put it out yet, either. I want to get some kind of cover so that the ropes don't go south after a whole season of being outside. (I take the cover in and out, but not the actual hammock. That's too hard to do every day. I have enough trouble getting it outside and on the metal thing as it is.

I winder how things are going on the course. Too much rain keeps them at a run. And this is too much rain!

I miss working. I don't cry over it anymore, but it still gets me down. I do love somethings, though. I'm reading a book in two days instead of ten. I sleep like a baby (usually). I can take a nap in the middle of the day, which helps a lot. And I see Ray three days a week and help him run errands. I can go to my doc appointments in the morning instead of attempting the impossible - leaving work on time and racing to get there. I love spending more time with the kitties. I work on my jigsaw puzzle. (The current one is 3,000 pieces.)

But I miss working.

This is probably strange to most people, but I loved my job. I loved working. I loved the interaction. I loved the whole process. And I've been working 30 years. I'm used to it. It is weird to not get up at 0500. I get up around 0800. I have breakfast, do things around the house then take a nap. The afternoon is mine to do as I like. When the weather is better I'll get out and about more often. But I'm not unhappy. And I watch even less television than before. And I'm helping another person get through their EMT classes, which is nice. I like helping people. And at least I can still do that. I remember going through those classes.

The best part was the ER time. Heh, heh, heh!

So I am getting used to it. I'm not used to no income (which is temporary but still annoying) but it has certainly curbed my rampant spending. Sigh... Still, it didn't inspire me to do my taxes until today (at 1900). I so hate doing my taxes. I get a refund as usual, but just hate doing it so much that I avoid it at all costs. Good thing it was postponed until today. I didn't want to do it Friday. (I had both Luis and Ray nagging me to do it, though.)

So that is the spring in a nutshell...


CrystalChick said…
A friend of mine drives a school bus and she says that she really loves her job. Another teaches adult programs at a college and is very into it. So no, it's not strange to say that you loved your job and all that came with it. It is a big change for you now, being home, but there are those of us who do love that too. You'll find the balance.
Wishing you many warm and sunny days to relax in your hammock and lots of kitty love time.
Thinking of you!

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