There are Good Days... and Then There are Bad Days...

Yesterday was a very, very bad day.

I find out yesterday morning that a former coworker of mine from my last job, died Monday morning of no apparent cause. (I can make a terribly educated guess, but it won't change the facts or bring the dead back to life.) I feel awful. I'm going to the wake today from 1600 to 2000 and then the funeral tomorrow at 1000. His wife, who spoke to me frequently, must be a wreck. When I looked at them each year together, I knew I was looking at two people madly in love. I know I would be destroyed by losing Luis.

I also went to the pharmacy and discovered that my major medical insurance was terminated! WHAT the hell?! I realise this is an error of (to me) epic proportions, but there are few errors in the world that cannot be fixed.

The free trial acupressure session I had at 1600 did help a lot, as it followed all the bad news but I still need to move through the first (as is always the case with great sadness) and try like mad to be patient until the second is fixed (I kept wondering where my medication was and thinking that they must have run into a snag refilling it. Duh). I suppose the one silver lining is that there is a check with my name on it awaiting me.

This means I need to stop in at the BGC to pick that up and drop stuff off (like 12 People Magazine issues for Nancy), say hello to Joe and the Accounting Department and then head to Summit to say goodbye to -- well. Happiness first, sadness second.


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