I Hate Presidential Elections

That doesn't sound promising but there it is.

I had thought for a while that I might vote for Donald Trump. But a few things I read and learned about him has made me rethink that poor decision. It seems that while he is still a million or billionaire, his properties have all turned into money pits and he is using 90% of the profit to put into other ventures. Doing stupid things with money is endemic I suppose, but that is worse when it is playing Russian Roulette with one's business finances.

Last night I read how Donald began harping on President Obama's birth certificate. I was floored. He sounds like a conspiracy theorist, now. How disheartening. I'm very disappointed in you, Donald. I thought (foolishly) that you had more integrity than that.

Mike Hucklebee is too scary for me. It will be a cold day in Hell before I vote for any bible-thumping maniac. These ultra-religious people all scare me - they will wade into this with the mindset of taking the separation of church and state out; overturning Roe v. Wade; the gods know what else. No, thank you. This one makes me think of McCain (yikes) and Palin (BBBBBR-R-R-R-R-R-R!). More scary religious people doesn't inspire me to vote for them.

Romey Something-or-Other doesn't particularly excite me either. I don't know enough about him to know what he is like or what he has as his official positions on this or that issue.

And then there is our current incumbent, President Obama. It took me ten minutes to figure out if I should vote for him or not when we went to the presidential election. He was the lesser of the evils presented and while I gave serious consideration to voting for Ralph Nader, I just figured I'd be wasting my voice on that. Clearly no one (or almost no one) was voting for him. I sucked it up and finally went with President Obama. I wouldn't call it a success.

And I won't vote for him again. However, I could care less where he was born.

So it seems I am back to square one on where my civic duty to vote and have a voice should take me. I hate this. Every four years I hate this. We are getting stuck more and more with people who purport to support one ideal while working for another. We listen to these politicians who speak in circles and try to figure out where they really stand. By the time we get to the smear campaigns, I'm sick of hearing from and about any of them. (The smear campaigns should be illegal.)

So already I am worrying about who the next horror will be even though this horror still has two years to go. Wonderful...


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