The Royal Wedding (Just a Brief Post)

I left the telly on last night when I crashed and did not hear it until 0530. I woke up just in time to see Prince William entering the Westminster Abbey. He looked very nice. Of course, the fuss was all about Kate, who got into the Rolls Royce without really giving away any of what her dress looked like. She was veiled and waving enthusiastically the whole five-minute drive and then she extricated herself from the car.

She looked lovely.

The dress was beautiful - elegant, simple, lacey arms, maybe an 8-foot train, quite tasteful, not the puffy arms of Princess Di's dress with that unbelievably long train. And her sister Pippa had a simple sheath-like white satiny dress that looked comfortable as well. (Some where already talking about her wearing white, but so what? She hardly out did the bride. No one had any trouble discerning who was who. I find that sort of sniping to be pointless.)

The kids where well-behaved and the wedding went smoothly. I fell asleep right at the end of the ceremony, so I've nothing else to say about it, but I think Kate looked great - and they both seemed quite relaxed - so congratulations to both!


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