More Cloudiness

It's even foggy. Foggy and overcast. When I walked to the bagel place it was wet - not raining, but the air was full of droplets of rain. I came back with my sweatshirt (I know, right? A sweatshirt in late May. Pathetic...) wet without being unwearable. My hair was all curly from the moisture. Crazy. The forecast hasn't improved any. There may be thunderstorms rolling in today, but so far there haven't been any thunderstorms since this low system has moved in and stalled over the area. I tend to not believe the predictions for storms any more.

I'm tired of this weather. Part of being positive about life includes sunny, warm days. We're almost to June and I was sure this insanity would have ended. People say things about "normal weather", but what's that? Do we even know? Two years ago we had the wettest, rainiest summer in years. Last year it was beastly hot and hardly rained at all. So what is "normal"?

Even so, nowhere did I sign up to live in Seattle. This is more like Seattle than it is New Jersey. While it may be hard to pin down "normal", this - twelve days of rain - is not normal. It isn't even a little okay. I want sun, dammit!

Something tells me that demands, like anything else, will not work.

I'm watching the end of Catch Me if You Can. It's a good movie. I like the end - Frank is in jail and telling Carl what the counter-fitter is doing. This guy - kid - stole over $4 million in fake checks and forgeries before he was 17. He knows an amazing amount about forged checks. (And Tom Hanks is amazing as Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent who catches Frank.)

Unfortunately, it is much harder to do that and I am not cut out for a job like that. As if I'd really consider a life of crime. Stop it...! I've thought about jobs I could do and the list is ominously short. Most of what I'm interested in I'd need a degree for. I don't have a day of college and I don't want to start now. Not to mention that all my interests are science-based and for that I need math - much more math than I can handle. So it won't work.

I need to stop going on about this...


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